04.17.2019 08:56 AM

Look who is back in the Sun!

The tree version, no less. Spotted at a Starbucks.

Full column here!


  1. Starbucks!

    Have you sold out and become one of us — the Laurentian elites???????????

    • Warren says:

      Tim Hortons treats their workers like doormats

      • Steve T says:

        Exactly. It’s funny how some people equate Tims with “real Canadians”, yet most of the Tims in my area seem to operate like sweatshops. My local Starbucks, on the other hand, seem to have happy well-paid employees.

  2. Sean says:

    You write so very well: main idea is clear and well supported. I prefer this style to the style often employed by numerous columnists: too wordy, an over abundance of horizontal development, and unnecessary fluff. You must have done well in high school literature. Did you take any English courses at the university level?

    • Warren says:

      Just one. Undergrad is Bachelor of Journalism (Honours, for whatever that’s worth).

      And thank you: I don’t think so, but I am grateful for your kind words.

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