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My latest in the Sun: the Trudeau cult

Dear Liberals:

This is an open letter to all of you. I want to start it by telling you why I became a lawyer. 

It was a movie, called The Oxbow Incident. It was a Western, released some 75 years ago, and it starred Henry Fonda. It was about how a mob hanged a man. The wrong man. 

At the end, the lynch mob all gather in a bar, and Henry Fonda reads a letter the dead man wrote to his wife. Here is some of it. 

“Law is a lot more than words you put in a book, or judges or lawyers or sheriffs you hire to carry it out. It’s everything people ever have found out about justice and what’s right and wrong,” Fonda says, reading the dead man’s letter. “It’s the very conscience of humanity. There can’t be any such thing as civilization unless people have a conscience, because if people touch God anywhere, where is it except through their conscience? And what is anybody’s conscience, except a little piece of the conscience of all men that ever lived?”

That speech is why I became a lawyer. What Henry Fonda said,  in a long-ago Western. What he said about justice, and how it is the thing that makes us human. 

Jody Wilson-Raybould, who I have never met – and Jane Philpott, who I have – remind me a little bit of Henry Fonda, reading that dead man’s letter. They seem to believe, as I do, that if we do not have justice, we have not much left. They proudly gave up everything for it, after all.  

After what you Liberals did, I suppose you are expecting me to liken you to a lynch mob. And, it is true: you were a bit like that. 

Hell, you expelled Jody Wilson-Raybould on the pretext of a making a tape on which a powerful man threatens her. When, a few days later, the Prime Minister of Canada spoke to Wilson-Raybould about why she’d been demoted – and he didn’t bother to tell her his Principal Secretary was secretly listening in. Keeping a record of what was said. 

To use against her. 

But, still, I will not call you a lynch mob. What you are, more accurately, is a group of people who belong to a cult. It is not a political party anymore. It is a cult. 

It’s kind of understandable, although not ever forgivable. Justin Trudeau, to most of you, is the Liberal Party. He lifted the party from third place to first, and he propelled most of you into power. He made three big promises. 

He said he’d be a feminist. He said he’d reconcile with indigenous people. And he said he’d bring back ethical government. 

Well, he lied. His willingness to brutalize Wilson-Raybould, Philpott and Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes – and to cut a sweetheart deal for a sleazy donor – showed him to be none of those things. It showed him to be what this newspaper memorably called him this week: the fake feminist.

But still you follow him. Still you belong to his cult. Even when you know he has done wrong.

And so, you will end like all cults do: you will go down with your leader. You will perish with him, and you all richly deserve it.

Because voters understand – as they did at the end of The Oxbow Incident – that justice is all that keeps us from devolving into a lynch mob.

Which, as I say, you all resemble quite a bit. 

And for which you will all pay. 




  1. Raymond says:

    Well said.
    It’s truly abhorrent.

  2. Rita Beswick says:

    I believe you have expressed what most Canadians are thinking and feeling but just didn’t quite know how to say it!
    It’s true, he and his gang are a cult now…and doing anything to stay in power, but not realizing just what “the real people” are beginning to see….a bunch of people looking to an immature and entitled man saying anything and everything true or not, in order to stay in power. Next step in his programme is to give every refugee, illegal or not, the power to vote!!! That is his hidden idea.

    • Ted Kelsey says:

      I have a friend. His kid was a drug addict. Kid was clean for a while – turned up one day a bit the worse for wear. Dad said “You’re on the drugs again aren’t you”. The kid said “Well you know how it is dad, I have these friends.” The old man, my friend, got emotional. did the never-darken-my-door routine. So the kid went off and killed himself. Heavy.
      What does this have to do with Justin? Good intentions. But the Liberals have friends. Never more visible than when they laughed at the Grassy Narrows protesters. Makes me sick.

    • Next steps are to not extradyMeng, and to give SNC the DPA

  3. Craig Chamberlain says:

    My way or the highway, or a party of diverse views, so long as it all leads to acknowledging me for the benevolently magnificent leader that I am. All else won’t be tolerated!

  4. Oscar Block says:

    Hey Warren – your site is very slow to load today. If I were you I’d be checking with your ISP and see where all the hits are coming from.

    Would not be surprised if they are not coming from one or just a few IP addresses, to me looks like it has the characteristics of a DOS attack.

    I wonder who would be doing that?

  5. Mike Jeffries says:

    Accurate and beautifully written.
    Except, I disagree: “Even when you know he has done wrong.”
    No, they don’t get it. Not at all. They are all drunk with power and their pension and truly believe that their white knight can do it again. They are the party of “jobs”!
    But, what happened? How did they lose their North Star, their moral compass, and hence became so dense? That’s the elephant in the room that needs an answer, because it happened to Harper as well and why he lost that election.

  6. Leasa Janssen says:

    This expresses what I believe a lot of Canadians are feeling. Thank you

  7. Dave Fuller says:

    I never voted for Trudeau but I have been e-mailing two local Liberal MPs once a week. Very short , polite e-mails asking them to explain why they support this leader. Both are in swing ridings in London ,Ontario . They are doomed.

    P.S. They never reply.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      What can they possibly say?…

    • Rich says:

      I sent a note to my MP, about a month ago, to think about stepping away from her party to become an independent. I told her I would like to show support for the two women that were standing up for justice and she could too. I added that I thought what the PM and PMO had done was disgusting.
      I did this after listening to a CBC (Ottawa) interview with an Nova Scotia Liberal MP who claimed her constituents had voiced no concern over the SNC-Lav scandal. I’ve never tried to ask anything of an MP but thought this is important enough to say something about it and do my bit to ensure my member could not (honestly) say the same. We all should, I think.

  8. Sunny Waze says:

    It’s a good point actually. If you ever watched the TV show about what Scientologists do to people who leave the faith you’d be reminded of what just happened to Philpott and W-R.

    Narcissist leaders can have that effect. His speech to caucus reminded me of a parent telling a story to a bunch of 5 year olds about the scary wolf.

    Kicking them out is the best thing for Trudeau to be honest, it keeps people in line because they don’t want to be next. But this is a distraction from the true issue, the rule of law. We can’t let this slide. Even if you think carbon taxes will save the planet, or Scheer has a hidden agenda. Let this go unpunished and we will never be the same.

    • Pipes says:

      It’s not a “Cult” and not comparable to Scientology which is a “Destructive Cult”. The Liberals are an “Abusive Organization”. I suppose however, Warren is technically correct in labeling the Liberals as a “Cult” because it has its own “culture”, but I think he meant much more than that………………….

  9. Angel Martin says:

    Liberal Party of Canada, 2019: if you act with integrity we will expel you from Caucus because you are “not a team player”.

  10. Nick says:

    Yes, and to suggest that anything is ‘unconscionable’ when he has no conscience is laughable to say the least.

  11. billg says:

    Had to be hard for a Life time Liberal to write that, but that’s in your top 3.

  12. Pipes says:

    With the greatest of respect to you, the Liberal Party is not a “Cult” by definition, but it is an “Abusive Organization”.
    There are many similarities between them but some critical differences. I, of course would be happy to elucidate but it would put your readers into a sleepy coma.
    Best regards.

  13. Mary B. says:

    April 2013, Reader’s Digest cover: “Justin: The Second Coming of Trudeau”.

    From the beginning, Liberal Party of Canada consciously and deliberately set out to establish a cult of personality. 6,930,136 voters were sufficiently brainwashed to propel the regime to power. And now you find Trudeau is not Christ but Satan. It all suggests Canada is a deeply backward, strange country.

  14. Ted says:

    You were on about New Order the other day.

    A thought that never changes
    Remains a stupid lie
    It’s never been quite the same
    No hearing or breathing
    No movement, no colors
    Just silence
    Rise and fall of shame
    A search that shall remain
    We asked you what you’d seen
    You said you didn’t care
    Sound formed in a vacuum
    May seem a waste of time
    It’s always been just the same
    No hearing or breathing
    No movement no lyrics
    Just nothing
    The sign that leads the way
    The path we can not take
    You’ve caught me at a bad time
    So why don’t you piss off

  15. Elsie Marley says:

    I say to the PM: I, and many other Canadians, no longer have trust in him and his corrupt Liberal government.

    I say to Philpott and Wilson-Reybould: Thank you for holding up a mirror to the PM and reflecting his & his corruption right back at him. Not surprising “the feminist” shattered when he saw his image was not what he glibly espouses.

    When push comes to shove, and the chips are down, Trudeau wasted no time proving himself the colonial epitome of the patriarchal entitled white male of privilege.

    Pretty difficult to un-ring that bell in pursuit of more electoral riches.

    Thanks JWR and JP! 🙂 You did Canadians a seriously good deed. Lets all pay it forward!

  16. Max says:

    Justin is ‘Dead Man Walking’. And true to Cult form, the female zombies are drawn to the camera and microphone and, from behind dead eyes, robotically attack the best among THEIR ranks who happen to be W O M E N. Just like them. Ironic, eh? Justin never fails to find an opportunity to use women. Even turning to the weakest women in The Cult to attack the strongest women – Jody and Jane. The Liberal Female Zombies are trotted out while L’il Billy Morneau, Shameless O’ Reagan, Spaceman Garneau and Angry Wayne Easter peek from behind the curtain. To paraphrase Hockey guy Brian Burke, watching the Liberal Party under Justin is “like watching an 18-wheeler going over a cliff.”

  17. Sam Hill says:

    This is the best piece I have ever read of yours. Powerful!

  18. Judy Kendle says:

    I too have been having difficulty getting into your website today. Is someone intentionally blocking it? Has it been hacked?

  19. Sean says:

    Man, can you ever write-this is fantastic!!!

  20. Mike H says:

    Yep, definitely a cult…

    How else to explain the willingness of Liberal insiders to leak various rumors as to why Wilson-Raybould was actually removed as AG (Difficult to work with, negligent concerning a wrongful conviction appeal, at odds with Trudeau over a Supreme Court nominee, in conflict with the government over aboriginal policy, etc…), when they KNOW that each leak paints Trudeau as a liar, because his explanation for her removal denies all of the above.

    They KNOW he’s not telling the truth about why she was removed, because they BELIEVE she was removed to unblock a path for a DPA for Lavalin. They KNOW he’s in grave danger of being investigated for an attempt to obstruct justice if they can’t make her removal be out something other than Lavalin.

    So they cover for him, by throwing out all these phony stories, even if it makes Trudeau appear to be lying. They do it because they KNOW he’s lying, and they’re rallying around him to protect him.

    When you KNOW your leader is lying about something that poses a fundamental threat to the rule of law, and all you care about is finding a way to help him get away with it, you’re a charter member of the cult…

  21. Max says:

    Question. If “Diversity” seems to be the Cult talking point, why is it that only Female Liberal MPs are paraded out?

    And did Justin prove his “fake Feminist’ bonafides by firing Jane and Jody but not Wayne Long? Does Justin trust the man but not the women. I’m confused trying to follow Justin’s thought processes. And hey, whatever happened to Katie T?

  22. Gord Tulk says:

    These LPC pols who have closed ranks…

    If it proves out the JT and Butts and the rest have been lying. That there was inappropriate favourable treatment of SNC-LAVALIN (and others)…

    They will have a political stink on them that will never leave for the rest of their lives…

    I doubt any of these venal creatures has thought about that.

  23. Marc says:

    I guess my thoughts are cynical at best. I see this as politics being politics. Neither player, Justin or Jodi is clean in this. I see this a clash of controlling personalities. With everyone polerized on one side or the side other.

    My bet is this will fade as we get closer to the election. Drawing focus to the issue that actually effects the majority of voters, The fact their gas just went up. (Carbon tax)

    I doubt Trudeau is done, nor have we heard the last of Jodi. I suspect after October, neither will have the power they had only a few weeks ago.

  24. Warren Socrates says:

    I have newfound respect for you. You got this exactly right. I hope that your prediction about the ultimate outcome is also right.

  25. Jeff says:

    It makes me wonder where is Sophie?

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