04.22.2019 01:27 PM


The crazies on both sides don’t like it.


  1. Steve T says:

    Completely agree. The only people more pathetic than the accusers are those who actually vote based on this sort of stuff.

    And before anyone says “oh, that’s not me”, think about the factors that go into your voting decision. If any of that consideration is because you have a negative perception of the party based on these sort of accusations, then yes – you are part of the pathetic parade.

    Sadly, from door-knocking for candidates over the years and speaking to voters, I’ve learned that many people vote based on this stuff. Which is why political parties keep doing it.

    People will spend hours binge-watching trash television, but they won’t spend an hour watching a proper newscast or reading a newspaper. Instead, they get their political “insight” based on sound bytes, headlines, and conversations with friends.

  2. Jack B says:

    What about Trudeaus former roommate? Then there is Peter Daglish and now Claire Bronfman close Liberal insiders. Lot of coincidences there.


    On top of that Trudeau is defending SNC prostitute ring set up for Ghaddaffis son.

    Quite a bit difference than Sheer just having a fluke speech near Faith Goldy.

  3. Gyor says:

    Agreed, guilt by association is childish.

  4. Mohamed says:

    Warren, you rock. I totally agree that Islamophobia is as bad as pedophilia. A lot of politicians were too cowardly to condemn Islamophobia during the m103 debate — like you say, that is the same as not condemning pedophilia.

    Not a lot of commentators have the courage to say this. You are really shaming the anti m103 crowd.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Warren, you rock. I totally agree that Islamophobia is as bad as pedophilia.”

      Warren didn’t say that (and, no, it’s not).

      “A lot of politicians were too cowardly to condemn Islamophobia during the m103 debate ”

      No, they were too principled. “Islamophobia” is a politically-charged, loaded term invented for the sole purpose of telling people to “SHUT UP!” whenever they try to discuss Islam in less than flattering terms. It was invented to intimidate and bully people into silence, and yet supporters turn a blind eye to its unintended effect of downplaying and marginalizing hatred (*real* hatred) directed against other religious groups; why don’t they get their own ‘phobia’? Why only Islam?

      To use the word “Islamophobia” is to engage in dog-whistle politics and fearmongering . You yourself are a perfect example: why do you never post on any other subject here?

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