04.17.2019 02:00 PM

We get letters: “literally known as a spin doctor!”

One guy is homophobic, the other one gets a couple key facts wrong. (Although, this:¬†one party has approached me about running for them – but they ain’t the CPC.)

Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!


  1. Lawrence Barry says:

    WK – when can we look forward to something new from SFH? You must do a song titled “Spin doctor”

  2. Nasty Bob says:

    Just wanted to say I loved your work in the Profumo affair and that little stunt at the tidal basin with Fanne Foxe – classic !
    But this SNC thing needs a little sexing up . Any chance you and Lisa could maybe throw in an SNC exec sleeping with the husband of someone in the PMO ? Thanks

  3. Fred from BC says:

    Stewart Robertson’s comment, BS though it may be, is clever right up until the point where he uses the word “created”…at which point it becomes laughable. Really, people who don’t know WK at all might believe the stuff about him being Conservative and even running for them (and yeah, “spin doctor” is fair, too)…but how exactly does one “create” something like this? Nice try.

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