05.03.2019 01:27 PM

Gerald Butts, sitting in an airport lounge somewhere in the US, just laughed out loud


  1. the real Sean says:

    Andrew Leslie will testify against PMO in Norman trial:


    un f$%king believable.

  2. Joseph Taylor says:

    I don’t get the headline? Why would he laugh out loud?

  3. Leo Fleming says:

    My brother in law works in a group home in New Brunswick. I told him about this poll, and he laughed.

  4. Walter says:

    With all the political interference in this case, I suspect this may be withdrawn from court sometime before the trial begins. This announcement, sometimes in summer, would likely go relatively unnoticed, and it would prevent any of the Trudeau dirt from being aired in public. It would involve another lawsuit for Vice Admiral Norman to recover costs and damages, which would be well after the election.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “I suspect this may be withdrawn from court sometime before the trial begins. ”

      Can they do that, though, and get away with it?

      In the states, they would have to provide a legal and defensible reason for the delay, or risk having the case tossed (they are guaranteed a speedy trial, I think).

  5. Fred from BC says:

    “She will be as about as stunning & shocking as a wolverine released in a beauty salon..”

    Sometimes I can’t tell whether you are brilliant or insane…:)

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