05.03.2019 01:27 PM

Gerald Butts, sitting in an airport lounge somewhere in the US, just laughed out loud


  1. the real Sean says:

    Andrew Leslie will testify against PMO in Norman trial:


    un f$%king believable.

  2. Joseph Taylor says:

    I don’t get the headline? Why would he laugh out loud?

  3. Leo Fleming says:

    My brother in law works in a group home in New Brunswick. I told him about this poll, and he laughed.

  4. the salamanders says:

    .. its astonishing that OUR federal government, led by Trudeau, did not quietly request the charge against former Vice-Admiral Norman be dropped. To think that trial is just another ‘can of worms’ is to completely underestimate Ms Marie Henein. Try this prediction from the salamanders.. She will be as about as stunning & shocking as a wolverine released in a beauty salon.. The Minister that MainMedia constantly forgets to include with the other resignations re Lavalin, is Scott Brison. Yes, yes, he abrubtly resigned ‘to spend more time with his family’ .. yuk yuk.. Funny how he fell immediately into a new full time job with RBC – lead guy re their investment, along with Lavalin.. in the scandal ridden Site C Dam and Christy Clark Memorial Lake.. the ‘past the point of no return’ project & unaccountable money sucking black hole.. Every single player in the Lavalin fandango will be brought to the whipping post.. plus star witness, Brison.. and any related ‘communications’ he did not triple delete

    • Walter says:

      With all the political interference in this case, I suspect this may be withdrawn from court sometime before the trial begins. This announcement, sometimes in summer, would likely go relatively unnoticed, and it would prevent any of the Trudeau dirt from being aired in public. It would involve another lawsuit for Vice Admiral Norman to recover costs and damages, which would be well after the election.

      • the salamanders says:

        .. agreed.. otherwise its a political backbreaker

      • Fred from BC says:

        “I suspect this may be withdrawn from court sometime before the trial begins. ”

        Can they do that, though, and get away with it?

        In the states, they would have to provide a legal and defensible reason for the delay, or risk having the case tossed (they are guaranteed a speedy trial, I think).

    • Fred from BC says:

      “She will be as about as stunning & shocking as a wolverine released in a beauty salon..”

      Sometimes I can’t tell whether you are brilliant or insane…:)

  5. the salamanders says:

    .. the salamanders apologize.. Scott Brison’s actual main job description with RBC (while spending more time with his family) is primarily the Trans Mountain pipeline investment, alongside Lavalin (who else?) .. Yes, that diluted bitumin 60 year old pipeline Justin Trudeau bought from the former Enron gang.. for all us Canadians.. and of course the related expansion and ‘twinning’ from the tar sands to Burnaby BC. This is all to reduce greenhouse emissions we are told by Justin and Ms McKenna (why she defends expanded bitumin extraction as OUR solution to lowering Canada’s CO2 & methane emissions.. while acting as Minister of Environment.. remains a mystery.. but she has lots of degrees.. she seems well intended and sweet.. but .. does it seem she is simply Peter Kent redux ? He took the cake as a fakey weak ass Harper twilight zone Minister of Environment phony & loser..)

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