05.01.2019 10:29 PM

Me, Moore, morning, marvellous

I’m not sure why I went all alliteration-crazy, there.

Anyway, here’s me with smarter folks, this morning on the mighty Newstalk 1010.

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  1. Daryl Gordon says:


    There is a rather interesting ongoing story happening the last few days in the US. The truth is coming out re: Trump/ Russia narrative.

    Ignoring the story hasn’t worked, so now reporting from never Trump media (see NYT above) is starting to dribble out tidbits of what will become the greatest scandal in political history.

    Be sure to peruse the comments on above article. The vast majority now knows what really happened and who (Obama, Clinton, corrupt LE) was behind the hoax and frame up.

    Won’t it be interesting to see who will be the biggest head to roll? One sided media and partisan Democrats have lost all credibility and will have to resort to acceptance that the term “Witchhunt” is mild in comparison to the stench of the facts soon to be revealed.

    Trump 2020, thank you very much.

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