05.22.2019 10:36 AM

Spoonkymonkey, Arthur Ellis, etc.

Published recently, sent to me thereafter.



  1. Rob says:

    I am hearing from good sources. The bigliest sources that you eat babies Warren. That you are actually not even human, and also are the Zodiac killer.

    Seriously from Ottawa and realizing I have read Cohen columns for like 2 decades maybe? Wow! I hate realizing how bullshit everything is. The shit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    I am sorry this arse spread lies about you. But I think that in doing so, he exposed himself. I really could never really care about Cohen, but knowing over my life I have likely read dozens and dozens, even hundreds of columns he wrote, not realizing he is a lying hack and no journalist… makes me feel a fool, and I was always cynical. Being cynical and an idealist is hard. I think you are that Warren. Reading Web of Hate in University in the 90’s was a real eye opener. Stuck with me always. But as the optimist I was… I never thought 20 or so years later the US would have an outright fascist white Supremicist leader and entire party… in only a 2 party system.

    I wish that somehow the world was different. But it is so fucked. Fake News is a cancer. Fuck Cohen. Fuck him forever. He is a propagandist not a journalist.

    I am so pissed. For you. About everything. Banned from Reddit a zillion times for stating the truth, because Reddit is owned by a Fascist.

    I guess I am using your site as therapy the last few days. SNC scandal feels so much like this fascism creeping
    (Or screaming and sprinting maybe) into Canada. By a so called progressive Liberal of all things.

    Thank you Warren. For fighting these evil fascists and liars for decades now. I don’t know how anger, hurt and sadness can all mix into hope for the future of humanity. I was so much of a “world is always getting better” person. Since I can remember… until 2015…. I have to hope all of this cancer of today… the evil that has been progressing since WWII… is beaten down by the progress made in all that time. And this is a “blip” that swings the pendulum more towards humanism and people coming together, and that cruelty and hate on a systematic political level… fails. And goes back to the scrap heap of history.

    Like Cohen’s yellow “jounalism”. Fight. Keep fighting. Sue the fucker(s) if need be.

    • Warren says:

      Thanks for this.

    • Nick says:

      As long as the courageous among us stay true to the vision of truth, fairness, equality and compassion that lives and springs from our hearts , we as a collective energy will purge the darkness that we are witnessing around us at this time nationally and globally. Just stay true to your truth despite the chaos and eventually the latter will clear and the sun will shine through.

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