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About that new CPC spot

It’s good, but:

• it tries to cover too many subjects in too few seconds

• it’s pretty busy, visually

I think there’s enough stuff here for three different spots: the Liberals abandoning ship, the scandals, and the mistreatment of women.

It’s that last one that deserves its own spot. In recent days, Justin Trudeau has been frantically making big announcements aimed at one key demographic: women. Without female votes, his octopus is cooked.

(Andrew Scheer needs more female votes to win. Refusing to march in a single Pride parade won’t help him get any.)

That’s the wound I’d keep picking at: Justin Trudeau’s appalling treatment of women, from Elbowgate to the beer festival groping to LavScam. I’d pick at it until it becomes infected.

Anyway. Here’s the Tory ad. Comments are open.


  1. Fred J Pertanson says:

    I hear you, but overall, it works for me. I bet they will take your advice, though.

  2. Gregory says:

    The scandals continue. Appears more to come. The lawyers in the country should slap on some courage and make some noise. They are rather silent. Scared to play in the big leagues or can’t hurt our friends.

    Perusing the criminal code of Canada and it’s amazing what you know can be used but not. Especially to protect friends and the money from drying up to stay in power and enjoy eliteness status. Someone needs to pay for the summer cottage thats bigger then most people’s homes and keep the mistress happy with expensive gifts. The mistress won’t stick around if not splurged upon with lavish stuff.

    So interesting charge in the Code.. leaving Canada to engage in a group or terrorist activity or upon arrival having engaged in a group or terrorist activity So the mobsters who leave to do business in Italy or in the Dominican Republic for casinos or elsewhere have they not committed this crime??? Over and over again? What’s the RCMP doing.

    So scandal after scandal rocks the crooked no matter what government they are. Same mobsters same law enforcement same crooked businesses money laundering and engaging in bribery and other criminal acts. They leave go do businesx of bribery etc. Then they come back to Canada. The same for the organized crime that comes to Canada and engages in crime on Canadian soil and leaves to go back to China for a bit. Then comes back. How come no seizure of property obtained by proceeds of crime used?

    I guess lawyers are silent on the real big stuff. They don’t know how to read the law properly. More like a slanted version of t. Rather not see it. The law is simple the subversion takes more work.

    Our police forces are throwing out criminal harassment charges against whistle blowers. Especially police who blowvthe whistld on corruption. Illegal ones of course. To silence. We can find many criminal code violations for that too. But silence on the truth. Silence on legitimate stuff.

    So this current spineless government rocked by scandals ethic breaches RCMP engaged in market manipulation to protect the pocket of the PM which is criminal the attacks on honest people like Mark Norman s the legacy that these morons leave. The investors defrauded as one’s in power protect their friends or themselves.

  3. Steve T says:

    Decent spot, but what’s with the background music? Sounds like something from a 1960s key party.

  4. Sean says:

    There’s so much to cover. The Fake Feminism is great and must be run again perhaps solo. I hope he and others are exposed for hypocrisy re carbon. A quick search reveals how deleterious Air Travel is and the Trudeau inner circle spend half their lives polluting the stratosphere. How can someone sell a product when they refuse to but the stuff they’re selling?

  5. Gord says:

    You’d think with all their cash they could have sprung for some decent voice-over talent.

    I agree they’re trying to cram too much in. Pick one key message, and hammer it in a catchy way. (Remember the CPC’s “Stand up for Canada – beep! beep!” ads? It’s amazing the little things that stick in our brains.)

    And I’m glad you also picked up on the importance (and bone-headedness) of Scheer’s refusal to attend any Pride parades. Tons of ammo now for the “hidden agenda”, “scary social conservatives” narrative the Liberals are sure to run on in the fall. This was an easy way to reassure the suburban voters (particularly women) that he needs to win that he’s not some Lake of Fire nutjob, and there was no downside to going (it’s not like it was going to cost him votes at the end of the day).

    Perfect chance to underline his “there’s the door” narrative, and they blew it.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      That’s because we are truly “blessed” with rank amateurs on the left and right. And to discover they have also infected Team Biden…makes me want to shit, I’m so infuriated.

    • Doug Brown says:

      Scheer is damned if does and damned if he doesn’t attend a Pride parade. If did plan, organizers would likely say he is uninvited, which would only call more attention. If by chance some organizers extended an invitation, he would look awkward and out of place.

      Politicians attending Pride has become a cliche. It is nothing more than a checkbox. A brave Scheer could state that the community fought and won its deserved rights and then maybe crack a joke about how he would look even more out of shape in that crowd.

      • Walter says:

        In Toronto, there is controversy about police not being allowed to march in the Pride parade. As such, the public agrees that politicians should boycott until this is changed. I understand Edmonton is in a similar controversy. I am not sure how many other Pride parades are suffering from the same anti-police sentiment, but if it’s most, then Scheer is right to skip them.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        As I recall, Harper, unlike Bernier, gave Pride parades and events a wide berth. It doesn’t dawn on rank amateurs that top politicians should find out organizers’ views before attending events…who wants to go there and get systematically booed. But if organizers have an open mind, they would meet politicians half way and let them attend. They could learn from each other and better advance issues important to the LBGTQ 2 community.

        • Walter says:

          I’ve heard it said that if everyone is a Nazi, then nobody is one. The same applies to over using the word Genocide or attending parades. The PM’s job is to attend national parades and events such as Remembrance Day and D-Day. If a PM starts attending municipal parades, he diminishes the importance of his attendance at any parade.

    • Walter says:

      Attending local parades was not something that was viewed as being worthy of having the PM attend. This was the philosophy for may a year, until Trudeau came along. I don’t recall Harper, or Chretien, or Mulroney, or Trudeau Sr. attending any Pride parades, or Santa Clause parades, or any other parades. (possible exception in their own community where they attended more as MP and not PM).
      Maybe we should return to the time when the PM was a national figure concerned with national issues, not a clown that participates in all parades.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I would put major party events below Pride and other parades and funny how no leader ever manages to miss any of them, when it comes to raising the almighty party $$$. Says a lot about some political parties, doesn’t it?

      • Fred from BC says:

        Well said, Walter.

        The irony here is that many of the people who are pushing Andrew Scheer to attend these parades are doing so, as Ronald alludes to above, mostly so they can jeer at him, boo him and create a new embarrassing incident for the evening news. They would never vote for him anyway, so why play their game? Seems like a lose-lose proposition to me.

        And for those who stick to the liberal narrative of, “it shows your support for gay rights”, the Conservatives have already done that for years now.

  6. the real Sean says:

    agreed… too busy, too much. If I were a CPC ad guy, I would simply use the most platitude riddled speech PM Zoolander has ever made as a sound track. Then I would roll contradicting visuals of all the disastrous headlines of the past 6 months. Literally hearing one thing and seeing another naturally conjures up visceral anger.

    and… I’ll post it again. IMHO this is still the best CPC ad ever made. simple, focused, no narrator tells the viewer what to think, it just leads them in the right direction.


    • Walter says:

      I noticed that the you tube video that followed the one you linked had another add highlighting CPC election promises from 2006 (cut GST, tax credits, etc.).
      As expected – Harper kept every single one of those.

  7. BC Guy says:

    Just me but the line “not as advertised” doesn’t work for me….not sure why

  8. Anon111 says:

    The ad is okay because it’s early. The CPC is also running positive ads about Scheer.

  9. Walter says:

    1. I think all ads should be voiced by Scheer.
    2. Ads should also end on a positive note – i.e. we have strong women such as Rempel, Raitt, Bergen and we will respect them.
    3. So far, I like that corruption add that pans the camera from Trump to Trudeau. Also the one where Scheer says he will work for the middle class – because that’s where his roots are.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Also the one where Scheer says he will work for the middle class – because that’s where his roots are.”

      That’s the best one, to me. Andrew Scheer might actually know the cost of a loaf of bread or dog grooming or day care (etc).

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Harper’s mouth sank Harper. Trudeau’s mouth didn’t bumble and ruin his chances in 2015. Trudeau’s mouth is sinking him now while Scheer’s says one smart thing immediately followed by a stupid thing. If Scheer can practise self-discipline, he wins. Otherwise, he loses and can kiss off a majority.

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