06.25.2019 03:22 PM

CTV reports on the growing Pizzagate scandal!

Right here!


  1. Grant says:

    I know this is off topic but I really need to rant. I just saw that neither our exalted PM nor our Minister of Defence could be bothered to attend the return of Bombardier Patrick Labrie who died from injuries sustained during a parachute training exercise recently. Trudeau was able to attend the Pride parade in Toronto on the same day though. What a disgusting POS that man is. O.k. …rant over.

    • Jennifer S. says:

      Canadians have proven to us (veterans, that is) time and time again that you really don’t give a crap about us until you need sandbags or snow removal, so frankly we didn’t expect anyone to attend and we aren’t shocked. This is why we’re quitting in droves and recruiting is an exercise in futility. You’re asking for more than we can afford to give and frankly we’re done with you.

  2. Steve T says:

    I’m still trying to decide if the coverage of this story is serious, or tongue in cheek. Seriously, the use of plastic cutlery is newsworthy?

    As an analysis of my prior comments on WK’s website will show, I’m definitely not a fan of Trudeau. I hope he and the Libs go down in flames in October. However, we’ve got to move away from the idea that anyone who proposes anything must be 100% virtuous in the proposed area – even before a law exists!

    There is plenty to critique about Trudeau, and about the plastic ban in particular, so let’s focus on those things. Worrying that JT may have been in the same room as plastic forks is not one of those things.

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