06.17.2019 09:35 PM

Oh, and babies in carriages were knocked to the ground


  1. Jennifer S. says:

    Well, we could try tougher sentencing rules and longer incarceration periods, oh, and tighter borders and better inspection. But hey, that would be for the public good, so we can’t have that, now can we. Nope. We have to maintain our record as being the single best and easiest country to live in if you are inclined to be a criminal.

    • Jennifer,

      Or we could try rehabilitation programs, job skills training and I don’t know, maybe treating them as human beings. No, that won’t work, will it.

      Back to the yahoo ideas, I suppose.

      • Jennifer S. says:

        The problem Ronald, is that we have gone completely overboard and the criminal always gets treated better than the victims. The “Justice” system in this country is one big fat joke. Just last week Newfoundland saw fit to parole a person that the RCMP then felt the need to warn the community about. The public good must always take precedence. Punishment should be just that – punishment. My sympathy for people expires the moment they take another life.

        • Lawrence Barry says:

          You catch the pic of the dude at the parade with the ankle bracelet? That was awesome!

        • Jennifer,

          I think the push for victims’ rights is fully justified. That should always come first. But where I get off the train is when people (not necessarily you) lump the cheque forger or car thief in with the mass-murderer.

          Gradation is vital. As an aside, the stats at Gitmo revealed how Arabic-speaking CIA agents with smokes got out of detainees far more accurate and crucial terrorist info than waterboarding did. And it wasn’t even close, stats-wise. But you’ll never get that one in people’s brains who think like Cheney.

      • West Guy says:

        So, let me get this straight. Let’s punish the people who are law abiding gun owners who had nothing to do with the incident and live nowhere near Toronto by taking away their property…but as for the people who actually either supplied the guns or fired the guns, those people, let’s not punish them. Really?
        I will be shocked if this incident did not involve a gang at some point, either directly involved or supplied the guns.

    • People who do this kind of thing aren’t thinking about the long term consequences in the heat of the moment, otherwise they obviously wouldn’t be doing it. Increasing jail terms would make no difference to them.

      Do you think every crevice of every vehicle coming into Canada should be searched for guns?

      It would be better to focus on keep youth from getting into the situation where they stop caring about long term consequences of their actions.

      • Gord says:

        I agree. Banning handguns couldn’t hurt, but that’s just putting a bandaid on a symptom of an underlying problem.

  2. Chad Falkenberg says:

    I think it would be better if we put all of our focus on firearms that look like assault weapons and ban them. That will surely help solve some problem…probably…

    • Chad,

      It depends. fully and semi, even after a ban, will always be a problem because we can’t snuff out the cross-border black market. CBSA and the RCMP simply don’t have the human power or resources to address the volumes of personal and commercial imports. Interdiction stats are never something to write home about.

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