07.19.2019 09:10 AM

Adam Vaughan Watch, a regular series

This reckless Liberal MP talks about how people he doesn’t like should be “whacked.” You know, killed.


  1. If reports are accurate, will this be another case where this Prime Minister exercises his famous-infamous caucus discipline???

    (I’m not holding my breath.)

  2. Dork in East York says:

    Vaughan has been thorny since his council days, and it only got worse after Trudeau reneged on his promise for AV to get a cabinet seat.

  3. Ron Benn says:

    Further evidence to support the conclusion that some people rise to a position exceeds their abilities (a polite way of rephrasing the Peter Principle).

  4. Douglas W says:

    Vaughan will remain reckless with his words because his prospects of holding onto his seat are very, very strong.

  5. R. Stack says:

    I have watch in amazement over the years while this silly moron is repeatedly reelected to public office. It has been obvious from day one that Adam Vaughan is stupid, obnoxious, and incompetent. I wouldn’t hire him to run a hot dog stand. I am amazed that people continue to vote him into office!!

  6. Nick M. says:

    I once ran into while I was volunteering for his competitor during the municipal election.

    He was infuriated with the “NDP Machine” as they spread campaign literature he felt was unfair to his character.

    It probably wasn’t the most honest literature, but what I learned is that it isn’t that hard to get under his skin.

  7. Campbell says:

    With respect, this is kind of old news WK (February).62F9

  8. the real Sean says:

    I predict the coming Federal Election will center around a wild, raucus struggle over the Canada Food Guide which will galvanize the nation and re-open the very fissures of Confederation.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Well, Scheer certainly came off as somewhat of a dim bulb with his pro-dairy bias. The guy is our Biden of the North…he keeps this up and Trudeau will propose him for sainthood for all he’s doing for the Liberals.

      My advice: shut the hell up, or pass for a dolt.

      • Fred from BC says:

        I can’t disagree with any of that, Ronald. If Scheer had been smart, he would have come out *against* the Quebec dairy farmers and their so-called “supply management” right from the start, stealing that issue from Maxime Bernier and winning lots of support from the long suffering Canadian consumers. But no…he allows the farmers to buy his loyalty at the CPC leadership convention and now seeks to pay them back by attacking the Canadian Food Guide? Insanity.

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