07.31.2019 10:16 AM

By the numbers: CPC and GPC up, LPC and NDP way down


Check out the federal second quarter fund-raising numbers, just out.

Conservatives: $8,532,334.15 (YTD $16,500,000)
Liberals: $5,033,998.49 (YTD $8,891,161.49)
Greens: $1,437,722.71 (YTD $2,221,001.46)
NDP: $1,226,868.92 (YTD $2,660,343.07)

You read that right: the official Opposition has doubled the take of the governing party.  And the Greens had a better quarter than the NDP.

Gonna be quite an election!


  1. It will turn on whether before the vote, people believe that May is a stalking horse for the Liberals. Most people will probably think No. But if that notion catches fire in the campaign, then the Green Wave can be kissed off on E-Day.

  2. the real Sean says:

    I’m sure the 2019 Campaign for Corruption will be adequately financed. Eccentric cults are peculiarly skilled at raising funds.

  3. Douglas W says:

    Money and a strong ground game, essential in any campaign. But, in the end, it’s still about who can best effectively shape the ballot box question to their advantage. Betting on the Liberals.

    • Douglas,

      I expect the CPC to have the most money and best organization. For Scheer to win, he has to roll it out just like Harper did in 2006. Anything short of that and they lose.

      • Douglas W says:

        CPC lose if they don’t have an effective strategy to counter the damage that Premier Ford has done to the Conservative brand.

        • The Doctor says:

          The need a punchy platform too. Harper won way back when when he had that platform that was punchy, well publicized and easily comprehensible. GST cut. The child credit.

          I always say you’re failing if someone can stick a microphone in front of the average voter, ask what your party’s platform is, and the voter says “Ummm, errr, I don’t know”. When Harper won, reporters could stick a mic in front of the most disengaged citizens and even they knew about the GST cut.

  4. Robert White says:

    Looks to me like the Liberals have just not pushed their funding drive quite as much as the Conservative Party has but there is still time for parity on the funding equation.

    Lots of time still to go.

    No worries!


  5. The Doctor says:

    Money only does so much for you. Hillary Clinton raised tons of money, had a formidable organization and lost. Conservatives have raised lots of money before and still lost.

    I still think the CPC has a tough, uphill road. It’s majority or bust for them, and a CPC majority will be very tough to pull off.

  6. Douglas W says:

    Steve, Not doubting your comment. Wondering, what do you exactly mean by “local Liberal ridings”? “Local”, as in the GTA? Every riding in the country? Your source for information? Again, just wondering.

  7. anonymous says:

    Looking for the 2019 ‘Daisy’?

    How about: “Donald Trump bragged about molesting women.” (Show media quotes. Footage of women protesters.)

    “Justin Trudeau actually did it.”

    (Show various news media and pundit quotes. Not to mention his pathetic excuse. “Oh I didn’t know you were with the media [or else I wouldn’t have grabbed you by your pussy.]”)

    “The Liberals and Conservatives pretend to care about women. They pretend to care about the environment. They pretend to care about the economy. They pretend to care about the people.”

    “The Green Party of Canada: we’re not pretending.”

    • Luke says:

      Oh my goodness! A sighting of a genuine internet troll! I never thought I’d ever have the privilege of witnessing something so rare and beautiful.

      • Max says:

        Steve, you sure about that? The journalist had no interest in pressing charges knowing what was in store for her. The Kokanee Groper of course experienced it differently. Stating the obvious me thinks.

      • Fred from BC says:

        No, but he did grope someone and then try to lie his way out of it when confronted about the incident years later.

        • Fred from BC says:

          “A pat on the tush is what I heard.”

          Maybe, maybe not.

          “Not acceptable in this day and age but to call it a grope is simply stupid partisan exaggeration .”

          If you’re correct, and that’s all it was, then yes…but Trudeau does have a habit of lying when cornered. We’ll see.

    • Brendan Kane says:

      That “ad” would destroy the Green Party of Canada

  8. John Matheson says:

    Now we have “The Great Hack” appearing on Netflix explaining exactly how Trump won. People are going to realize that social media ads by political parties are a very bad thing, as they are a form of psychological warfare on an extremely addictive platform. People I know are already detoxifying their social media from politics. They are realizing that opinions are being posted as news, often supported by outdated or simply manufactured data.

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