07.15.2019 12:46 PM

Interesting colour scheme for this Liberal incumbent

It tells me I made the right move!


  1. Depends. If the Liberals hijack most of the Green’s platform — and progressive voters buy into it, then Elizabeth is in trouble.

    • Luke says:

      Can’t be in trouble when there’s nowhere to go but up!

    • Vancouverois says:

      That may be what happened last time. But now, after Trudeau’s shenanigans with the pipeline and foolish comments about “water bottle sort of things”?

      Seems to me that he should have far less credibility with ecology-focused voters this time round.

  2. Douglas W says:

    Won’t get fooled again: Green wave in October because progressives recognize that the PM is a fake.

    • Bill Delaney says:

      You think Trudeau doesn’t care about the environment? Not very perceptive, are you.

      • Bill Delaney says:

        Progressive voters are Liberals. I don’t have a beef with far left types but they are not progressives. They are dreamers.

      • Douglas W says:

        Three years ago, the City of Montreal dumped 8-billion litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River while Trudeau and his deep thinker, G.Butts, looked the other way. Delaney, you must have conveniently overlooked this crappy bit of information.

        • Douglas,

          Quebec City did the same thing twice recently, last December and February. Montreal and Quebec City dilute the raw sewage but that’s not really a credible excuse.

          As you know, Environment Canada does not authorize such controlled spills but it can block, or slow them down. The Quebec government is also consulted but has no real power other than advisory.

          The Saint Lawrence River has been grey to black for as long as I can remember. But no one wants to hit up taxpayers for the billions it would take to build new sewage treatment plants. Again, not an excuse.

          • Doug says:

            Unlike climate change, sewage treatment is an environmental challenge where a technological solution actually exists. All of the major parties have fake environmental platforms as they overwhelmingly focus on climate change. Throwing the energy sector under the bus may virtue signal on climate change but will accomplish nothing other than enriching the American energy industry.

    • Douglas,

      Frankly, I won’t take any bet either way.

  3. Luke says:

    I heard some whispers the Greens might actually be competitive in parts of Halifax. Should be interesting.

  4. Douglas W says:

    Greens can only blame themselves if they allow the Liberals to take ownership of their ideas.

  5. Nick M. says:

    Say it ain’t so W.

    The Green New Deal champions the displacement of people… Exacerbating Income inequality.

    Next step in Left Wing media is to declare working families as deplorable and thus more than simply a noble sacrifice to save mankind.

    Right move? I don’t think so.

    • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      The Greens are honestly wrong. If they win, when their policies fail, we will have made progress in knowing that there policies are wrong.

      If the Liberals win, since they represent the elite, they will use faux greenness to loot the middle and working classes, and enrich themselves, and will find others to blame for the failure of the policies, and the people and the country will be further behind.

      Any vote, other than for the Liberals or Bernier is a good vote. Trudeau is Canada’s Trump. The populist that will destroy the country, while really defending the privilege of the Laurentian elite.

      • Nick M. says:

        Do agree for the most part.

        Though I was a lifetime NDP’er till they abandoned working families and became anti-pipeline, while becoming defenders of Millionaires with Ocean front property who are afraid of being inconvenienced with tanker traffic.

        Hard to think a vote against the development of Canada’s most vibrant industry should be abandoned. (An industry for the last 30 years, until Trudeau stepped in, was only subsidized with incentives to invest and not hand outs.)

  6. J.H. says:

    Problem is folks looking for a change and hoping Lizzie May holds the balance of power are being misled. She’s long declared herself a good friend of Trudeau’s and has supported him. I think she and the Greens are a stalking horse for the Libs and a vote for May & her party is a vote for the Liberals. WK’s presence with them, might even convince some it’s all part of a grand strategy and his antipathy to Trudeau a little too convenient?
    Not I, of course.:)

    • J.H.,

      Yeah, it’s an obvious and safe bet that May’s personal preference is likely to prop up the Liberals first. Remember, she was initially proud PCP — not even remotely CPC. We don’t often agree but we are as one on this speculative venture.

      Don’t think Kinsella will stay on board, if she chooses to go that route.

  7. Mark says:

    The Speaker doesn’t normally campaign in a partisan way anyway, so this isn’t really much of a surprise.

    • Max says:

      Mark, that’s not true. Former speakers shift into partisan campaign mode. Then they get appointed/elected Speaker IF they are re-elected. Once the writ is dropped, they cease to become Speaker. Same with Cabinet Ministers.

      • Mark says:

        Since Lucien Lamoureux decided to run as an Independent in 1972, Speakers of the House have not generally campaigned in an overtly partisan way, with a couple of exceptions that I am aware of. You are correct that they campaign, of course, as they wish to keep their seat. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Regan is one of the few Liberals in the upcoming campaign who won’t campaign with red as the primary colour of his/her campaign. And Ministers still retain their ministerial responsibilities after the electoral writs are issued, but are no longer MP’s.

  8. Jason says:

    I respect the greens, and in a different world would consider them
    However, at this juncture, I still believe voting green is just a way to help the conservatives while feeling good about it. But, I’m a consequential, I guess. A vote for green greatly decreases the likelihood that we will continue to have carbon pricing.
    Unfortunately the liberals are in a bind – although the trade of a pipeline for environmental policy makes sense on one level, the messaging of buying the pipeline and also having a climate policy looks unreasonable at face value. But, ultimately, its the same argument progressives often use to justify deficits – spending today so we can succeed better tomorrow.

  9. MEGO Time!

    The British parliamentary tradition is for the Upper House to be red, while the Lower House is green. Hope not too many of you are now nodding off.

  10. Doug says:

    I lost all respect for Elizabeth May after the “Omar Khadr has more class than the entire Conservative Cabinet” comment.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Yeah, that was it for me too. I also haven’t watched any of the federal election debates since she was allowed to participate…what would be the point? We already have the NDP and the BQ in there wasting everyone’s time trying to create a good sound byte, so Elizabeth May’s screeching certainly wouldn’t help matters. I would much rather do what the Americans do: hear from the two people who *could* possibly form government, not the ones who can’t. The NDP, Greens and BQ can promise the moon and stars and never have to worry about delivering on their promises (never mind paying for them).

      • The NDP have a history of winning at the provincial level where they had long been dismissed, like Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta and there has been occasions when they have lead the national polls.

        Being able to win have never stop the Liberal and Conservatives from promising the moon and the stars.

        • Fred from BC says:

          “The NDP have a history of winning at the provincial level”

          Yes, so I don’t mind them being in provincial debates, since I am then watching potential Premiers, not just representatives of the fringe who spend the entire debate (when they aren’t trying to shout down everyone else; when exactly did the loudest voice become the winner, anyway?) trying to get that one elusive “gotcha!” sound byte that will get them on the front page the next day.

          “Being able to win have never stop the Liberal and Conservatives from promising the moon and the stars.”

          No, but at least they have an actual *chance* of keeping their promises, because they will be in an actual position to do so. The NDP and the Greens do not….they are all talk, and thus a waste of everyone’s time.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Will you admit that sometimes being intellectually dishonest only plays into your bitterest opponent’s hands? Jack attacked Michael for not being in the House. Though factual, it was intellectually dishonest as to why Michael was not there — and only played right into CPC hands.

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