07.22.2019 09:24 AM

Life On Mars

My fave Bowie song, forever. Those chords!


  1. Luke says:

    Yes! Also, the Man Who Sold the World.

  2. JSA says:

    Oh, You Pretty Things (Live from the BBC, 1972)


  3. Lee Hill says:

    Good choice…I can never pick a favourite…as soon as I hear something, as in the case of The Man Who Sold the World coming up on my Spotify shuffle this morning, it is my favourite in that moment. And then there are the hidden gems such as the 2002 b-side, “When the Boys Come Marching Home”, which sums up post-9/11 angst with haunting poignancy.

  4. Jeremy Bloom says:

    On the fabulous BBC documentary “Five Years”, Rick Wakeman talks about his piano part… and how incredibly intense the chord changes were:

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