08.08.2019 06:52 AM

Kinsellabration: meet Kane Kinsella

It had been a terrible, awful year, filled with unbelievable pain. A very small number of you know why. It was hard to breathe, some days.

And then, this happened. And things have been a lot better ever since.

I am an uncle again, I am breathing again, and I cannot express how happy I am for Barb and Lorne. They will be extraordinary parents. And Kane Kinsella has hit the jackpot, big time.

Thanks for shining a light in the dark, Kane. Here’s what your Mom had to say about today. And you.

“It’s been a long and difficult road, but Lorne and I are overjoyed to finally announce that today we brought our son home, forever.

Our bouncing, babbling little miracle joins our family as a beautiful, bright-eyed ball of one-year old fun.

We have been getting to know each other over the past weeks, but we were in love with him from the moment we met.

His name is Kane and he has made our dreams come true. And now we get to do everything we can to make sure his do too.

Xo Barb and Lorne”

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  1. Nasty Bob says:

    Can’t decide if the wee one just hit the jackpot in the parent lottery or if the parents hit the jackpot in the kid lottery but looks to be win win either way – congrats !

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