09.19.2019 08:07 AM

A Hill staffer writes

Name withheld on request.

Hey Warren, now seems like a good time to tell the story of Justin Trudeau on Oct 22, 2014, the day of the shooting on the Hill.

Long story short, everyone had been moved into the 5th floor cafeteria in Centre Block. Mostly staff and media cause CPC and NDP caucus had already begun by the time of the lockdown. But LPC caucus starts later so they were having their pre-caucus meeting in their leader’s office on the 6th floor.

They moved everyone to caf throughout the day before evacuation later that night. Anyway, at one point an East Asian man walked in to the cafeteria. He had a big beard and wore a turban.

Trudeau jumped up and joked rather loudly; “Hey there you are. You know they’re looking for you out there. Hey you’re making everyone in here nervous!”

He obviously knew the man, he was a liberal staffer. The man seemed to take the joke well but that’s not really the point. Those of us who heard it looked at each other in shock.

But who will believe Conservative staffers? There were staff, MPs and media in the room. I know people heard it too. Most media were on phones doing radio hits so maybe they didn’t hear it. Anyway that’s the story from that day. Sorry for the novel.


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    Pamela Ingold says:

    Not surprised at this point.

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      Seaward says:

      If you were a reporter Warren would you have asked about a child pornograhy ring at the school circulating on the web. Is that why Trudeau left. Groping of women covered up. These incidents of painting his face black and brown . SNC scandal . The arrest of a top RCMP intelligence agent linked to Phampton based in Richmond BC who sold encrypted devices to Hell Angels drug cartels and other criminal organizations and an MP of the Liberal party stripped of his law firm and has allégations of money laundering for drug kingpin of the Big Circle Boys. Very suspicious link to Ottawa.

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    MaryLS says:

    I think it is fair yo say he is not a very thoughtful person. This has been illustrated in do many ways. Canadians deserve better — even a better Liberal leader — one that shows respect for Canadians with different views and respect for our proud heritage. We are NOT a “post national” country.

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    Steve says:

    Yet another example of Junior walking around in a bubble, thinking he’s such a quick wit, always saying just the right thing at just the right time, compassionate, caring, a fully “woke” leader for the 21st century.

    He’s an entitled, spoiled, arrogant narcissist, coddled all his life, sheltered from the “common folks” he claims to defend. The only thing that’s genuine about him is he’s an actor; he LOVES to pretend… about everything.

    The truth is out there folks, in full, unvarnished view. Vote accordingly.

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    the real Sean says:

    making racist wisecracks while a Canadian soldier is being murdered. classic PMJT

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    Bruce Posch says:

    I really wish the daily Trudeau shyte show stops…I’m tired of it and just want a PM to do his job and leave the theatrics at the door. He’ll never stop…we have to turf him out or it will be another four years of this nonsense.

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    There has been something wrong with that kid the day he was born and it shows every day.

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    Nadine Lumley says:

    How desperate and or dumb are you that you can’t understand a joke. People kind and China were jokes.

    Morons !!!

    Harper literally wet himself in a broom cubby under the stairs like a fairy pu$$y.


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      Leslie says:

      Ah Nadine. A blind follower ignorant of the truth that stares you in the face. Whether it was cosplay or the way it has been protrrayed in the media this imbocile PM bas been caught with his pants down. He is fair game as he played the game himself in the race card dept. The main focus is the corruption scandals left and right and the cover ups. Groping of women IS not COSPLAY Neither is smoking dope with students or involved in child pornography ring if the rumours are true So stay tuned and you might want to buy some eye wash if the rumours are true. I for one think Trudeau might have a fantasy of looking like his Caribbean dad. He must of overheard who his real daddy is so he leaned towards dressing up that way. Another rumour too but he sure looks like Fidel. You know psychological triggers. But corruption is very différent.

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    Fred J Pertanson says:

    Warren, please see if you can find anyone else who was in the cafeteria when JT made his racist joke. What he did in 2014 shows that he hasn’t changed a bit from 2001. The MSM is doing everything they can to gloss this over, saying he has changed, and calling the Saskatoon Liberal rally “a friendly crowd” that aren’t terribly upset with his behaviour.
    He is getting away with this!

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      Fred J Pertanson says:

      P.S. I got a 60 day ban from the CBC for referencing this article in their comments section.

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    Martin says:

    I wonder if Nathan Cirillo would have thought it was funny. And what nonsense on the Harper characterization. His security team PUT him there to protect him just like they are supposed to. They were doing their job. He would not even have had any say in the matter. Take it up with the RCMP if you have a problem with how they were doing their job.

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