09.15.2019 02:55 PM

Is what she is claiming true?


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Even if true, it appears that was during Goldy’s Sun News days.

    Trudeau looks pretty young in this picture. I seriously doubt this is relevant to his present political/prime ministerial shortcomings.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Trudeau looks pretty young in this picture. I seriously doubt this is relevant to his present political/prime ministerial shortcomings.”

      That’s the point though, Ron…it doesn’t need to be relevant anymore. Teams of ‘researchers’ from every party are right now poring over old Facebook and Twitter posts, looking for that “gotcha!” incident. Doesn’t have to be true, or even real…it just has to be potentially embarrassing to be of value.

      A sad state of affairs, for sure.

  2. The Doctor says:

    I’m fairly sympathetic to the Tory cause, but if that CBC story about their Mississauga-Streetsville candidate is true, they should sack that candidate. Some of the posts and comments she’s alleged to have made are beyond the pale. Some of it is full-on alt-right conspiracy nut stuff.

  3. Nick M. says:

    His best friend should get it over and just tweet, “Screw the West, we’ll take the rest!” (quote is attributed to Trudeau Sr’s close confidant.)

    Hank Paulson would talk about a “Morale Hazard” in demonstrating his hesitance to bail out banks. Take his definition of it for large firms, and apply it to the alleged obstruction of justice. What message does this send to other Canadian firms moving forward? That one must be unethical to run a company? cause all others are doing it and I am insured with a get out of jail card (or pleas bargain) from the government.

    I would sleep better knowing that some sort of self reflection exists from his best bud.

    This government is obsessed with a managed decline mindset. Take the dairy industry, instead of changing the trade deal to make bilateral dairy trade for free and fair markets, we have a managed decline approach. Give the dairy farmers money for the projected revenue lost from their domestic monopoly.

    If the campaign slogan was changed to, “Choose Forward with Managed Decline”, I can relax knowing there is some honesty in politics.

  4. Lawrence Barry says:

    Hoooaahhh!! Creston / Ottawa ?? It’s all party town!

  5. Mark says:

    You’ll probably ban me for this, but it seems your hate-on for JT is coming out loud and clear. Not without some justification, I’m sure, but if you spent half the amount of time looking into the transgressions of the other leaders, I think you’d probably uncover a lot too.

  6. Campbell says:

    Is that before or after she recited the 14 words?

    It also looks like Trudeau is in the process of shaking his head and walking away. Would like to see the video of this before I pass judgment based on one still image…

  7. Ron Benn says:

    Have any of the other leaders of federal (or provincial) parties bought her drinks at somewhere other than the Chateau Laurier?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Maybe she’ll tell us and maybe she won’t. But seriously, can you picture Harper buying anyone drinks?

      • Ron Benn says:

        Mr. O’Dowd, this is much ado about nothing.

        Faith Goldy is getting the Groundhog Day equivalent of her 15 minutes of fame. Her position on a large number of issues are on the outside of 95% of the population. Who bought her a drink, and where, should not be an election issue.

        The leaders and their spinmeisters should be spending their time and effort laying out their vision for Canada, rather than pointing out that they are no worse than the people standing against them. Perhaps it is because they haven’t got a vision.

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