09.12.2019 08:07 AM

#LavScam cover-up: follow the chain of command, media folk


  1. Vancouverois says:

    I don’t understand how this claim can possibly be believed in the first place. Waiving Cabinet confidentiality is the Prime Minister’s decision, period. How can he possibly expect anyone to pretend that it wasn’t?

    Then again, I haven’t seen much in the media about this yet. I guess $600 million goes a long way…

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s both highly improper and unethical for a Clerk to serve as any PM’s handmaiden.

    That’s not PCO’s role. They are there to run the top echelon of the public service and to offer dispassionate and arms-length advice and assistance to PMO. They are not there to get a PM out of political jams or to informally become adjunct to Team PMO. Period.

    • J.H. says:

      PCO’s clerk Wernick, now Shugart and before them Lynch are part the reasons that the public has lost faith and believe civil servants, agency bureaucrats, even ex SCC judges are lap dogs for the LPC and like most politicians can’t be believed. By their games with the SNC Lavalin file, they encouraged more distrust in our institutions.

      • Max says:

        Ron and JH, wakey, wakey. There is a distinction. There is civil servant and bureaucrats on one side. and public servants on the other. The latter is an endangered species. The former owe their allegiance to the appointer. As for the great unwashed masses , “forgive them for they know not what they do”. As for political discourse, where is Allan Gregg when the nation needs him?

  3. Peter says:

    Not sure harass is the verb you want. How about “steadfastly call upon him 24/7 in the spirit of public service to tell the Canadian public what they have a right to know”? Yes, much better.

  4. the real Sean says:

    What kind of campaign fires off a desperate video of a local candidate’s abortion views…. and then the leader refuses to debate the same day? A campaign which deserves to lose.

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