, 09.12.2019 06:30 AM

#LavScam latest: cops interview former AG, Trudeau Libs stonewall

And, Trudeau lies and pins the blame on bureaucrats. From the Globe:

Former justice minister and attorney-general Jody Wilson-Raybould met with RCMP investigators this week to discuss political interference in the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., and is calling on the Trudeau government to waive cabinet confidentiality for her and all other witnesses to allow a thorough probe into potential obstruction of justice.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould told The Globe and Mail on Wednesday that RCMP officers from the national division in Ottawa, which handles sensitive political matters, had a formal interview with her in Vancouver on Tuesday.

“I have had a meeting and I have been interviewed by the RCMP, and that meeting happened yesterday [Tuesday], and I am not going to comment any further on the nature of those conversations,” she said. “Of course I am concerned about the government’s decision to deny [the RCMP’s] request for access to other witnesses. As a matter of principle, the RCMP should be able to conduct thorough and necessary investigations.”

Ms. Wilson-Raybould said the meeting was at the request of the RCMP after several telephone conversations with her following the release of a report from Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion in August.

Mr. Dion said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act when he and senior officials improperly pressed Ms. Wilson-Raybould to order the Public Prosecution Service to settle a fraud and bribery case against the Montreal-based engineering and construction giant…

The government says Privy Council Clerk Ian Shugart, who reports to Mr. Trudeau, will not waive cabinet confidentiality to allow the national police force to speak to witnesses and obtain cabinet documents relating to SNC-Lavalin.

The Liberal Leader rejected a call from Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on Wednesday to allow anyone with knowledge of the SNC-Lavalin matter to discuss it freely with the RCMP.


  1. J.H. says:

    People have yet to grasp how historic this is. Trudeau’s only PM found guilty of ethic violations & then blocks investigation of the issues surrounding that finding.
    Does that bring to mind another famous leader, with huge upside but forced to resign?
    This will be a Justin Trudeau & Liberal Party legacy that Academics will lecture on for years, like they do Nixon & Watergate.
    Sponsorship and Adscam have not been forgotten, this will top them.

  2. Trudeau will discover on election night that his not-so-clever-stalemate is actually the voters’ checkmate. Every Liberal has already figured that one out, except…him.

  3. Tod Cowen says:

    I expect vociferous disagreement, but the RCMP really shouldn’t be interviewing witnesses during a general election campaign (yes, technically a day before the writ dropped, but everyone knew it was coming) when they could be reasonably sure that the fact of their interview with a central figure in the affair–if not the substance–would become public knowledge.

    Here in the lower 48, we had a little bit of experience with a national investigative body making a high-profile intervention during a general election campaign, back in 2016. Didn’t go well. The FBI was wrong to do so then, and the RCMP was wrong to do so now, absent a compelling reason to act during the campaign. In this case, JWR wasn’t going anywhere, and certainly would have met with the RCMP after the election.

  4. Floyd W Low says:

    Speculation – this has been a four year effort to torch Trudeau out of the Liberal Party.

  5. Bob Dobalina says:

    Honest questions: do you pay for the rights to the news photos you use in your blog posts? Is there a reason why you don’t publish credits with them?

  6. Gilbert says:

    The photo of Justin Trudeau is a beauty. His face has the look of guilt written all over it.

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