09.03.2019 07:37 AM

Lifestyles of the rich and clueless


  1. Peter says:

    Well…there are limits to these kinds of critique, fun as they can be. I think I have more respect for him for wearing what he normally likes to wear than I would if he started appearing in black or grey t-shirts from Old Navy.

  2. Ron Benn says:

    The only thing classy about this is the suit.

  3. the real Sean says:

    Hansel is flashing Ferrari… Or is it Magnum?

  4. Steve says:

    Unfortunately, Morneau could appear in a crusty the clown getup throughout the campaign and still be re-elected in Toronto. Toronto has become the beacon for every left wing loon with a narcissistic personality and a progressive agenda. For an example of this, look no further than the smorgasbord of self-important communists, unionists and faux eco-nuts that continuously are returned to their perch on T.O. city council despite their tragic records of accomplishment.

  5. ABB says:

    Come on, Warren. Obviously this message is Aspirational in tactic. I can tell you that every working class voter along Parliament St (Center of his constituency) aspires to own Brioni suits and gold cuff links. The focus group findings support this!

  6. Dawn Mills says:

    I think Crusty is running for re-election in Spadina-Fort York.

  7. zing says:

    No matter. He’s a shoe-in.

  8. Douglas W says:

    Morneau re-election sign: further proof that Liberal strategists truly believe the party has this election won. It’s their divine right to rule. With a very weak left-of-centre alternative, and an awkward Conservative leader, they’re probably right. Sad.

    • Douglas W says:

      Game changer: if Jagmeet Singh steps down and the party anoints Charlie Angus as leader. Trudeau and Scheer would have their hands full with Charlie.

      • Max says:

        Where are those armchair socialists with the tall foreheads? Avi and Naomi we hardly knew yea. Can’t help but think Mulcair would have mopped the floor with the Phony Imposter and Scheer. Best Prime Minister Canada never had. Mulcair surpassed Stanfield. Not quite on par with David Lewis, but still…

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Come on. Who changes leader with less than two weeks before the writ is dropped?

        • Douglas W says:

          Ronald, if Charlie Angus were to take over, there would be a huge momentum shift to the NDP; Charlie would be shaking things up, fast; and Mr. Singh would be a very distant memory. I get your point; and I know hockey is not politics, but years ago the NJ Devils fired their coach, only weeks before the Stanley Cup playoffs (who ever did that before?), and went on to win the Stanley Cup. Make a bold move, and don’t look back. This is what the NDP needs to do. Will they? Nope. Totally surprised that the caucus is willing to go over the cliff.

      • Fred from BC says:

        Charlie Anguish comes with a bit of baggage, though….

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