09.12.2019 06:35 AM

Perhaps the bus hadn’t finished running over people Trudeau dislikes

Insert wheels coming off bus metaphor here!

The Liberal Party’s media bus struck their campaign plane Wednesday night, leaving visible damage on the plane’s wing.

Global News’ Bureau Chief Mercedes Stephenson was on the bus as it went underneath the plane’s wing, slowly scraping the entire length of the bus.

Media were on the bus leaving the airport after they had landed in Victoria, B.C. from Vancouver.

Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau was in Vancouver for the first rally of the Liberal campaign and is expected to stay overnight in Victoria.

It is unclear whether the damage caused to the plane has made it unable to fly.


  1. the real Sean says:

    A lot people seem to think this Gerald Butts character is a really smart guy. If anyone can get the 2019 Campaign for Corruption back on track, its him.

    • TRS,

      As I recall, Butts was around when the initial train wreck hit. It was called India and it seems no one could get Sophie in line. After that, it was steadily downhill from previous record approval numbers.

  2. Tom Smith says:

    “High-Flying PM Gets Wings Clipped”

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