09.19.2019 06:34 AM

Three points about our racist Prime Minister


  1. joe says:

    the real Justin Trudeau:
    – makes promises he doesn’t keep (e.g. balance budget by 2019)
    – lies (e.g. “the Globe and Mail allegations are false”). How’s the libel suit against Scheer coming Justin?
    – vindictive (treatment of JWR and Mark Norman)
    – stupid (the blackface get up, and the India trip costumes)

    Sorry Liberals- you’ve supported this actor and his egregious actions. Time to vote out the lot of you.

  2. Susan Manderson says:

    So shockingly stupid and so low class, and so completely lacking in any kind of empathy for others. I would never have been able to bring myself to do something like that, and if I had, my parents would have probably cleaned my face off with a deck brush, certainly my father, being Navy, would have.

    In 1964, I was a teenager, we got the talk about racism, when Dad brought home a black South African soccer player, and a white German soccer player for lunch. He was the Chief of Staff for physical education on the Navy base Cornwallis, and had organized an international sports meet. So he brought these two men home, raved about their soccer ability, and as we all sat around the living room, he told us that if we were in S. Africa, we would all have been thrown in jail, because black and white people weren’t allowed to socialize.
    That was a shock to me, at 14, and I never forgot it. We got the racism talk that day, and other days as well, and were introduced to the music of Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte, Ray Charles, and were aware of the way black people in Nova Scotia were treated. Of course the civil rights movement was also happening. This was in Nova Scotia. My father was a Navy PTI. He had no special education, but he was able to make us aware of racism – one would think that Pierre Trudeau, at that time, could have made his children aware, but apparently he didn’t bother.

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