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Trump and Trudeau: brothers of another mother

Trump and Trudeau: They’re not that different, really.

Sons of millionaires. Never had to worry about a hydro bill, never needed to fret about a mortgage payment. Never experienced the pocketbook terror that is everyday existence for lesser mortals.

Bodyguards, maids, chauffeurs, private jets: These were the emblems of the lives that Trudeau and Trump led and lead. They breathed the same rarefied air as other millionaires and billionaires. They got invited to all the right parties. We in the media hung on their every utterance, stupidly believing that being born rich renders someone worth listening to.

No military service for either. No involvement in government before they both somehow seized the top job. No known ideas or policies. But models, yes. Lots.

And famous. Trump became famous for The Apprentice, and for his expert manipulation of New York City’s viciously competitive media. He’s the assignment editor for all journalists, and he bragged about it in his various ghosted books. Said he in The Art of the Deal: “Most reporters, I find, have very little interest in exploring the substance of a detailed proposal for a development. They look instead for the sensational angle.”

Trudeau gets that, too. He became famous because of the sensational eulogy he gave to his father — the one that his pal, Gerald Butts, told everyone that he wrote — and he became even more famous when he sensationally beat up an indigenous man.

He actually bragged about that. Trudeau actually crowed that he consciously targeted an indigenous man for a public beating. Said Trudeau to Rolling Stone: “I wanted someone who would be a good foil, and we stumbled upon the scrappy, tough-guy senator from an indigenous community. He fit the bill. I saw it as the right kind of narrative, the right story to tell.”

So: Rich, privileged, famous. There’s a reason why Trump and Trudeau have mostly gotten along so well: They both are charter members of the lucky sperm club.

But there is one characteristic that they share above all others. There is one thing, in government and out, that makes them brothers of another mother.

They believe the rules don’t apply to them.

This week, Trump reminded us of that. This week, we learned that he really, truly had called the newly minted president of Ukraine, and requested, seven times, that Ukraine investigate a U.S. citizen, one Joe Biden. Conservatives may not regard that as a “high crime,” but it sure as hell is at least a “misdemeanour” — and, therefore, an impeachable offence.

And how did we get the evidence that Democrats are now relying upon to impeach Trump? Well, they got it from Trump himself. He provided his political executioners with the rope they needed to fashion a noose.

Because he doesn’t think the law should apply to him.

Ditto Trudeau. He can brag about beating up someone who is indigenous (Patrick Brazeau), he can try and destroy an indigenous woman who refused to break the law for him (Jody Wilson-Raybould), he can wear racist blackface to mock others (black Canadians) — and then brazenly claim he isn’t racist.

(Oh, and he and his cabal can come up with a racist name for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, too. More on that in my next column.)

Trudeau can do all those racist things, and then insist he believes in tolerance and diversity. Which is standard operating procedure for someone who believes the rules don’t apply to him.

Only one thing differentiates the two leaders right now: Donald Trump is facing impeachment for his sins, and Justin Trudeau isn’t.

Shame, that.


  1. Samantha Banks-Quills says:

    Finally, someone makes an astute comparison between those two. You forgot to mention that they both piss you off….alot!

  2. John says:

    I saw a small story running at the bottom of Global News this morning about a Liberal candidate who is being attacked by two doctors who claim the candidate stood by while another doctor made sexist jokes about them. I’m sure the Unifor media will get right on that story. Perhaps the doctors interpreted the situation differently.

  3. Douglas W says:

    Spot on analysis of Justin. Hard to fathom that he’ll be leading this country, once again. But all indicators, point in that direction. Sad.

  4. Peter says:

    Though there are some big differences between them. Trump can hardly be said to have coasted through his youth doing non-jobs supported by his trust fund. Trump has always been an outlier among the beautiful people (I don’t think he was invited to the right parties). Trump revels in insulting people and never apologizes for it while JT pretends to love everybody and has made apologizing a second career. The people who back them whatever they do appear to generally be very different types.

    As we are discussing “silent” racism these days, I was never comfortable with the treatment the media and elites meted out to Brazeau. The man was accused of some serious stuff to be sure, but he was completely ostracized by all of Ottawa and left nearly in penury. He had accomplished quite a lot for someone despite a tough background. I felt it was in part because he didn’t fit the mold of what a certain kind of contemporary right-thinking person thinks an aboriginal person should stand for and speak like.

  5. Samantha Banks-Quills says:

    “The reality is God gave us some oil and someone to buy it, but we should use the profit of that to make Canada even greener. Let’s be practical.” – Jean Chretien

    What can’t Trudeau say that? It’s brillant

    Also, if Jean Chretien is campaigning for Trudeau then Warren, shouldn’t you be as well? Loyalty has its limited I suppose.

    • SBQ,

      Former prime ministers have strong opinions of the incumbent. But no matter what they all think, Liberal ones have no choice but to campaign for this guy. To do otherwise is not even remotely possible for les anciens. They are thoroughly boxed in right out of the gate.

  6. Max says:

    Just saw a staged photo op of the Boy Wonder, paddling up to an awaiting podium. He announced a $2000 tax credit for the poor folk to facilitate their going camping. Doesn’t quite cover all the costs of flying across the country to go surfing in Tofino with da wife and kids in tow, but hey, its a start. Right?

    By the way, Stockwell Day once did the same thing but came ashore in a jet ski and he was crucified for it. The Fake One will no doubt get a free pass.

    • Peter says:

      Who ever came up with that crazy idea? I’d like a job on their team if all I would have to do is spew out cool ideas about how we should use tax credits to help people live like my Dear Leader. Personally I would have suggested using the $2k to help poor people buy organic vegetables and free-range chickens.

      • The Doctor says:

        Plus a tax credit for trampolining. Trudeaus are into that as well, apparently.

      • Chris says:

        How about we just leave the $2000 in peoples’ wallets? Eliminate GST on all food & utilities. Eliminate EI deductions for any person making less than $40,000/yr (or whatever number). Skip the expensive CRA middlemen and bureaucracy.

    • Max,

      P-E-T did plenty of paddling up North and elsewhere and the media just loved it.

  7. John says:

    Justin met with Greta this morning. Think of the great photos for his election ads. Trudeau the great pretender is all about image rather than substance. Wasn’t there a song about the great pretender?

  8. Miles Lunn says:

    Very true and main thing is both are narcissists who think they are smarter than everyone else. Also both have cult like followers that will excuse bad behaviour from them they wouldn’t from anyone else. However unlike Trump, we have a chance to fire Trudeau in 24 days. I am voting to have him fired, unfortunately I fear enough Canadians will put him back in.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      You forget that conventional wisdom and the herd mentality in politics or business is for rank amateurs. This is already a change election which means change voters will comfortably outnumber the others. Three guesses who gets to win?

      • Douglas W says:

        Still betting heavily on the Libs. Folks I know are dismayed with Justin, but are still quite comfortable with the Liberal brand. Reduced Liberal majority.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          And are you quite confident that 100% of them are actually going to turn out and VOTE Liberal? That’s my main point. They won’t.

  9. John says:

    After getting a great photo op with Greta for his election ads, Justin announced that not only will he send the nation’s kids canoeing, but he will plant 2 billion trees. Just ignore that it is a provincial responsibility. Its not like interfering with provincial responsibilities has ever bothered him before. Even though we have a huge deficit and debt, I’m sure international lenders will lend him more money.

    • Joe says:

      Problem is Justin has no idea what a billion is.

    • Peter says:

      Ste. Greta says we have to abolish growth and the money economy and live pretty much like our medieval ancestors. JT listens intently, awe and concern oozing from his pores, and announces “he’s” going to plant a lot of trees. My god, the man isn’t just a feminist and a scourge of racism, he’s on the cutting edge of environmentalism too. How can anyone who cares about…well, just about anything…not vote for this man?

  10. Harry Belafonte says:

    The problem with narcissists is you’re always playing for other people, leaving your family behind. They will be the ones to pay the price. He will never understand why they don’t bow to his every move. He was born for this.

    If he wasn’t the Lib leader with the name Trudeau, most of today’s lib sheep would revile this man. Born into money, coddled all his life, womanizer, racist. He is everything they claim Trump is. That must sting.

  11. mike jeffries says:

    The real Trudeau: a violent man!

  12. Gilbert says:

    There are many similarities between the two leaders. Another is that neither one is an intellectual. Do the two really get along? Justin Trudeau is definitely more to the left.

  13. This election is absolutely a referendum not on the Liberals but on Trudeau himself.

    Funny eh, he actually thinks he’s going to win.

  14. Pedro says:

    A smashing good try. It was interesting reading. We’ll see on the impeachment part and if it passes, whom it will harm the most. Fortunately, Canadians have an impeachment vote with some teeth on October 21.

  15. lyn says:

    Warren NO Comparison Trudeau hasn’t worked a year in his life!…Compared to Trump. He worked with his father for his father to learn the business from top to bottom. He is a self-effacing real estate developer, a best selling author, casino/resort/golf course developer, university founder, public speaker, magazine publisher and President of the best country in the world the USA. He has 4 siblings so if his father left him any money it would be divided. And he is making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN putting people back to work. It’s all about the WORKING THE PEOPLE. They love him TRUMP 2020!!!

  16. Lance says:

    The only difference between the two is that Trump knows he is all that you say and more, while Trudeau is all that you say and pretends that he is not. Trump makes no apologies; that is all Trudeau does and he can’t even manage to be genuine about that. Trump is a genuine asshole and embraces it; Trudeau is a genuine asshole and won’t admit it.

    Neither can be really respected, but I can have a little less disrespect for the person being upfront and true for who they are.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      What counts is what’s in an individual VOTER’s fond intérieur. If they feel exactly as you do and then go vote, the Liberals are toast. It’s not so much that Trudeau is a political phoney — it’s more that Trudeau knows precisely that he’s a phony but he’s absolutely determined to laugh at all of us by acting like he isn’t even remotely one.

  17. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You point out that with the Trudeau spectacle that Scheer should be way ahead. However, that conclusion only applies to truly moderate candidates. Scheer is more Conservative than yours truly, so people are hesitant. They wonder if they should take a big leap of faith, like they did in 2015. If they are satisfied with Trudeau but still technically undecided, then vote for him. But if you’re undecided but royally sick of Trudeau, then vote him out. How I wish we could do this with Jagmeet Singh but unfortunately, that won’t happen. That leaves only one game in town to turf Trudeau: they’re called the CPC.

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