10.10.2019 11:14 AM

Candice Malcolm story on Trudeau and his high school daze



  1. The LPC supporter says:

    What do you suppose the CPC will bring out at 3:30pm. Many are saying by the CPC releasing their message through Facebook that yes it might bring up the West Point issue but they may have stuff up their sleeves. For me, they have been called out by National Observer and looked foolish as a result. Also, the CPC is not being forthright through their own leader who has issues with his education, his so-called insurance job, and his so-called career. He has been all over the place and not honest with Canadians. Therefore, it might bringing up also the blackface scandal, his groping issue and other issues. What do you suspect?! I suspect stuff along the lines of what happened before the English-language debate, even though the school already said that Trudeau left on good terms and Trudeau sought to pursue some other thing.

    • lyn says:

      The LPC supporter: You seem to be going after CPC but all the lies start with LPC’s and specifically with PM Trudeau. He is a proven LIAR!!

  2. Ontario John says:

    Can’t wait for Judy Sgro’s explanation. I feel sorry for poor Sophie, no wonder she has avoided campaigning with Groper. Someone needs to have a long talk with that boy about his definition of feminism.

  3. Paige says:

    Seems like pretty thin gruel.

  4. Dan Blackstone says:

    Nothing burger – weak sauce like this shouldn’t even see the light of day.

    Trying to make something out of something this flimsy helps Trudeau more than it hurts him

  5. Frankie Shit-E-balls says:

    Someone needs an editor. One sentence summary: A student had a crush on her teacher, Justin Trudeau.

  6. Ontario John says:

    Classy Liberal supporters at the debate hall, dressed up as Doug Ford and waving Peter McKay signs. I wonder why none of them are wearing blackface?

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