10.02.2019 08:40 AM

Highly-scientific survey™! Why isn’t Warren a big Trudeau fan?

Vote now, vote often!


  1. John says:

    Groper McBlackface, is showing his loyal media that he will beat up that dark skinned leader of the NDP tonight, just like he did that First Nations Senator. Yes, great photo op for the media this morning at a boxing gym in Montreal. Groper in the ring and even joined by the coach who helped him win against Senator Brazeau. What a man!

  2. Douglas W says:

    JT is not a real Liberal. In the tradition of Laurier, King, St. Laurent, Pearson + Chretien, Liberal PMs were fiscally responsible + socially progressive. Justin is neither.

  3. Walter says:

    He (Blackface) is a fake Liberal. The antithesis of Chretien. I would never vote Liberal, but Chretien did a fine job. Surplus budgets. Kept peace with Bush. I respect most of what he accomplished.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Who won the first French debate: obviously Blanchet was the strongest but the others all did well. Now their weak points: Singh when he referred to the Bloc’s divisive tactics as disgusting; Blanchet when he does not respect voters’ right to elect MPs who do not necessarily agree with Quebec MNAs; Scheer when he refused to tell viewers his personal convictions on abortion and weak environmental policy and finally Trudeau who lost points in Quebec on multiculturalism, minority rights, Bill 21, a single income tax form and Quebec’s constitutional demands.

    Remember, it’s called the first French debate but it’s really a QUEBEC debate. So in the end, Trudeau will lose Quebec seats because of his positions.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      The other thing is how come no leader was smart enough to ask Trudeau what his personal opinion on abortion is in 2019, compared to 2011, when he was publicly personally opposed? The other leaders were all asleep at the switch.

  5. William Lloyd says:

    Warren realized Justin was being used as useful idiot for the takeover of the Liberal Party of Canada in the 2010’s. The Federal Liberal Party of 2019 bears no resemblance to the values or ideals of Liberalism that marked the first 150 years. There is no Team in Justin Trudeau’s cult of personality. When Justin falls, it’s going to be an existential crisis for the party to recover. Justin is not simply a leader of a party. He is King of the new Canadian Liberal Monarchy.

  6. lyn says:

    Willaim Lloyd: I couldn’t have said it any better. One World Gov’t Justin Trudeau…King of the new Canadian Liberal Monarchy! “NOT HAPPENING IN CANADA”

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