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I think an important part of being humble is to actually just be humble, and not talk about it, and let people notice you are being humble. As opposed to saying you will be humble, and hoping to get credit for it before you actually do it.

But that’s just me.

From the Star:

OTTAWA—Liberals emerged successful but not unscathed in Monday’s election, prompting calls from within the party to focus on hard work, humility and co-operation in the coming minority Parliament.

As they begin the planning for a cabinet and legislative agenda for the new session of Parliament, Liberals have also been weighing the fallout of an election that saw them lose seats and take a lower share of the popular vote.

They take the result, which returned Justin Trudeau for a second term as prime minister, as an endorsement of a platform that featured the fight against climate change and affordability as priorities.

At the same time, they are also acknowledging that they fell short with many discontented voters.

“I think there was a clear ask from voters to stay focused on these issues but be more ambitious,” said Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, who won in Beaches-East York.

The message, he said, is to “focus on the work and be humble and to work across the aisle.

“I think there’s a strong desire for that and probably we didn’t see enough of that over four years,” Erskine-Smith told the Star in a telephone interview. “In this Parliament, I hope we see a commitment to be more ambitious, to be more co-operative and to maybe be a bit more humble.

Some Liberals are also grumbling that their campaign was too negative, focusing on the Conservatives and leader Andrew Scheer rather than on the Liberals’ economic record.

Trudeau was seen as a liability in some ridings. One Liberal MP, who asked not to be identified, the party and the prime minister need to understand that Monday’s election was a “chastisement.”



  1. joe says:

    Focus on humble? How about turfing the liar in chief? Why? Because it’s 2019.

  2. Pipes says:

    Agreed. Seems to me though that you are either born with humility or was taught it from an early age, or you fake it. Which of course questons its sincerity .

    Maybe in politics its the difference between grass roots work and astroturfing.

  3. Peter says:

    Aw, this is so comforting because Canadians from coast to coast went to the polls seeking a humble government. It fits the JT’s character perfectly, doesn’t it? When he gropes a woman, men everywhere have to do better. When he’s caught in blackface, all Canadians have to reflect on their white privilege. When he gives anyone who defies him or Butts the chop or gets spanked for ethics violations, Liberal backbenchers have to be more humble.

    I can’t believe the Star published this crap.

  4. mike jeffries says:

    But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

    Not my words, but true. Justin has been humbled. I hope for his sake and the country that he has learned.
    I’m majoring on hope…

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Not my words either but the proof will be in the eating of the pudding. Trudeau always talks a good game — but expect him to make the same long-term mistake Harper made. It got Harper two successive minorities and then a single majority mandate conducted under that same minority-mantra of governing as if they had a majority. That insured Harper’s ultimate loss to Trudeau and the cycle will likely repeat itself going forward if the above is the real Trudeau strategy. Like I said before: BROADHURST had better stick around.

  5. the real Sean says:

    I expect this parliament to be a ridiculous mess with nothing getting done. Oppo. will hijack committees and re-start Lavsam and who knows what else. Deficits will be bonkers. Liberal arrogance will be out of control – because if you run a campaign that badly and still win, it must be impossible to lose. A lot of Liberal MPs will be closing in on the business end of the gold plated pension so that will add to the disinterest in accountability. I predict the end of this parliament will be full of fireworks and vicious accusations, similar to the fall of 2005. Sunny ways.

  6. Neiner says:

    Reminds me of this quote

    “It’s far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.” Judith Martin

  7. Chris S says:

    Start buying the Grecian Formula by the case Justin! It’s going to be a bumpy ride from here to the end of the line.

  8. Terry says:

    “I think there was a clear ask from voters to stay focused on these issues but be more ambitious”
    Really? That’s the lesson from this election? Jesus.

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