10.09.2019 06:34 AM

Justin Trudeau: a liar who is prepared to lie to kids


  1. Joseph says:

    This is right up there with Paul Martin’s air guitar routine.

  2. Ontario John says:

    Yes but he is so cool. And how about that hair! Canadians will overlook that he lies and is a racist, and make him prime minister again. But I’m confused. Is Doug Ford and Harper running for prime minister??

  3. Brian says:

    It’s not just him that’s a disgrace Warren. It’s te entire Liberal Party of Canada. Even his father–a communist loving, Islamist supporting, unionist, clown shoe, himself was as much a dolt as is his son. The difference of course, is intellect. The senior Trudeau, like, him or hate him could “make his argument” without ever attacking “the man.” He could stay on point. Recall, if you will, Trudeau’s eulogy to his father… He described how his father made him apologise for attacking a political rival on a personal level and made him apologise…. This idiot; this so called PM, this racist, bigotted, misogynist and possibly nefarious idiot owes not just his political opponents and every citizen that opposes his politics, an apology.

    Here’s another doozie of a question for you and if you want to address it, I’d like to hear your answer…

    Given Trudeau’s faux personae and given the rumors coming out of his dismissal as a teacher and given his treatment of female staffers and his unsolicited advances towards women via creepy touching and “close quarters” engagement—I mean, he’s pretty much lying on top of women when he speaks to them…. Where the hell is his wife? What the hell happened to his “storybook” romance and strong family values? Aside from the photo op on first day of school, she’s no longer around.

    I get that the wives of PM’s tend to be coat racks that get wheeled out every now an again but there was a huge push on them as a couple and when he started to break rules, when he started to treat women like any “toxic masculine male” such as myself said he would, the day he was elected… Gone. Crickets…

    Something is fishy beyond his politics. (I heard–second hand–from someone that knows a Toronto woman he had a tryst with,) that he has a real problem with the zipper on his slacks… (Please don’t include this last paragraph. It’s second hand and I was only sharing because the person—this woman’s ex boyfriend–told me about it this week.)

    This Trudeau guy ain’t right in the head…. He just isn’t. He’s like Creepy Joe Biden… One thing we all can agree on though–he’s the best thing to happen to the conservative movement in 60 years…

    • Pedant says:

      You know, I just had an epiphany reading your comment. I’ve been trying to figure out who Justin Trudeau reminds me of. I couldn’t put my finger on it. But it just came to me.


      They even have similar hair!

  4. Ontario John says:

    As expected Groper ranted about Doug Ford, Harper, and Jason Kenney at his press conference in Toronto this morning. He explained that it will be open warfare between him and the Ford, Kenney governments if re elected. Obviously national unity is not high on his agenda.

  5. joe says:

    With their fervent support of The Dear Leader the Liberals are bringing Orwell’s 1984 to Canada.

  6. Peter says:

    First he prostrates himself before Ste. Greta and now he begs the forgiveness of little girls, both with the same “I’m sorry” pose. Obviously he’s making a major push for the children’s vote. Scheer and Singh had better watch their flanks.

  7. J.H. says:

    Not surprising to see this, but I’m sure the fair and balanced media team behind the show will also have all other party leaders in as well and obviously prior to the election.
    BTW Trudeau and Libs along with Jerry Dias were prepared to use children as pawns in that threatened Ontario education strike, so it’s no surprise they are happy to use them here.

  8. Scheer is 40 and has vast policy development resources at his disposal, yet if asked about climate change by kids her would tell them far more blatant and consequential lies (That carbon tax is an ineffective tax grab and he has a better plan)

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