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Nice letter. Thank you.


I am a Permanent Resident from Nigeria, a lawyer educated in the UK, completing a PhD, and currently writing the NCA exams. 
I love politics, and have followed you religiously on Twitter until you left yesterday. I know the great work you do in politics, and really sympathize with you for the noise from opportunists looking for somebody to blame for their poor performances in the elections.
I admire your achievements, work and mind.



  1. Will Purcell says:

    What I don’t get is what the big deal is. What am I missing?

    The war room of a political party allegedly hires a consulting war-roomer of some renown to target a rival political party. Huh? This is news?

    Of course they did. They would be incompetent otherwise. That’s what war rooms are for.

    So, maybe this is a monumental shift in Canadian journalism, and we will soon see on-the-spot reports from the G&M, CTV and their peers, reporting on the safe landings at Toronto Pearson. “Holy cow, folks! Here comes another one. Yes! It’s down, safely! No lives lost! Oh, the humanity!”

    Yes, the humanity. It’s what’s being lost for good in this clusterfuck of a federal election.

    I think, perhaps, the best days of war-rooming are behind us. There has to be a better way.

    Otherwise, libertarians like me, who are classical Laurier (if not Pearson) Liberals, essentially, have to seek refuge under cover of the Conservative party.

    I rue the day that social media made every asshole a journalist.

    OK, rant over. Sorry for the intrusion. Take care, all, no matter what you believe or how you vote.


    • Doron Berger says:

      The media sets the tone. Something can be ok but if the media spins it like it’s a problem, that will be the narrative.

      There is a void as far as objective media goes. The state broadcaster should be fair to everyone. But it’s not.

    • the real Sean says:

      Will Purcell… Pretty much exactly what I’ve been thinking.

      Also notice that none of the stories in the MSM say anything about the *content* of the work that was done. We can therefore assume that everything was truthful and fair and thus not worth reporting. If a political party hired WK to kick the crap out of racists, I say good for them, wise decision. This is an example of the system WORKING.

      Oh and lastly – am I the only one blown away by the tortured moral / ethical pretzel that Jagmeet finds himself in? Defending Bernier? This election has been a prolific exercise in lunacy on all fronts.

  2. Will Purcell says:

    And, of course, I left out the obvious: Perhaps it is best left to Mr. Kinsella, who has been an effective voice for honour and reason whilst pounding away passionately in support of his beliefs over the years, to help find a way out of the morass that politics has become in modern democracies.

    Otherwise, we, as free people, are in peril. (Think: All these bands of thugs on the left and the right, marching violently, disrupting the lives of citizens. It’s reminiscent of the Weimar Republic in the ’20s.)

    OK. Now I promise: Rant over. Put, please, Warren, carry on here at your not-a-blog website.


  3. Sundance says:

    There’s a big void today in the Twitterverse. Will’s right, research done by party war rooms is a part of politics and lobby groups.

  4. hugh says:

    I echo the sentiment contained in the above letter from E.O. (although born here, but that is irrelevant).

    In addition, I would like to add…
    Do whatever you need to in order to look after your health and your family, and after your hiatus (which I do hope will be brief) know that in spite of the trolls there are a great many of us looking forward to your return.
    Refreshed and rejuvenated to carry on with your efforts.


  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I can’t be more candid than this: it’s not primarily PPC supporters and operatives who are going completely ape over this. No, it’s MY fellow Liberals in cabinet, caucus, party and the membership. They are all gonzo cause they already know TRUDEAU blew it big time and THEY KEPT HIM THERE.

    They’ve seen an avalanche of internal polls long showing that this government is done as dinner and great democrats that they are, they can royally dish it out as mostly anonymous C-O-W-A-R-D-S but they can’t take even a smidgen of incoming. No balls, no real guts and no alternative leader anywhere in sight. In short, they’re toast with a Conservative majority, huge NDP and BQ representation on the way.

    Great work Justin Trudeau! Is anyone really surprised?

  6. Andrew Jurgen Kaut says:

    Isn’t that what political parties do?

    Try to win?

    And that it stopped before it became illegal meant that you were playing by the rules. You didn’t invent the racism, only highlighted it.

    Now I want to meet the whistleblower.

  7. Sam Davies says:

    Are all the Boomers here so insulated and out of touch to not recognize this is a generational problem? It’s fairly obvious that Warren’s biggest supporters here are within his relative age range (possibly also religious beliefs), and those against are from a younger demographic.

    Basically, you are all nodding your heads and saying “This is the way it is – accept it”, while younger generations are flipping you the bird and are super pissed off that their quality of life sucks tremendously when compared to yours, and don’t believe any of you are willing to do what is right if it interferes with your ability to finance your summer cottage (which they know they will never have).

    That’s my read of the context, based on what I’ve read here compared to what I’ve read in more youth oriented mediums.

    This is “the big deal” that is escaping some here.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Absolutely. Excellent points. And you could add that that same attitude often carries over to paying the carbon tax.

    • joe says:

      Life now is considerably better for the young generations than it was for the boomers or the boomers’ parents when we were 18 -25.

    • Steve T says:

      While your comments may or may not be true, I don’t see how they relate to the situation Warren finds himself in.

      Sure, the younger folks may not like the way the world is shaping up for them. But how is any of that due to political strategies between rivals, or the investigatory work of independent firms like Daisy? That is the concern of the “old folks” who are commenting on this thread; ie – there is no basis for the backlash and faux scandal against WK and Daisy.

      For young people to use this as an excuse not to vote, or become disengaged, is quite frankly just laziness. Bill Maher has a great rant that you can find on YouTube about this phenomenon. Laziness disguised as cynicism.

      And since we’re on the topic of what concerns young folks, I’ll also make another observation. Some people (often younger) have conflated “having your say” with “getting your way”. When they are out protesting, or speaking to politicians, they continually say they “just want their voice to be heard”. However, their subsequent actions indicate that isn’t all they want. They only want democracy when it gives them every result they demand. They are not willing to accept that, maybe, the people have spoken and decided to go a different direction.

      • Sam Davies says:

        Unfortunately, there is no easy way to answer this, considering whose property we are standing on while having this discussion.

        Assuming you’ve been following this blog (or just lasting attention to music in the 70’s), you must have some sort of awareness of Punk rock. In simplified short, it was a rejection of what was mainstream music during that time (mostly, but not exclusively rock).

        The specifics of what happened with Warren are irrelevant (for younger generations) – he is an old “mainstream” guy whom they do not trust. While he actually is progressive on various issues, the young perceive him as a religious out of touch SunMedia schill.

        Their primary concern is not the legality of what happened – they simply no longer have faith in a boomer generation that continues lining their pockets while *seemingly* backing a party that is ignoring their future. It’s an emotional response, not a rational one

  8. Craig Cantin says:

    I could not express those sentiments any better than E.O.

    Your disappearance on social media is our collective loss. Understandable, of course.

  9. Savegraves says:

    Fuck them. Come back. Twitter isn’t the same. Come back.

  10. Savegraves says:

    Fuck them. Come back. Twitter isn’t the same.

  11. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    When you start having psychological distress because of Twitter — or anywhere else — that’s a huge warning sign that emotional disaster and its likely consequences are just around the bend.

    Those of you who are affected that way, please, please, give it up and never, ever, look back.

  12. CanuckinEurope says:


    They just want to yell at you for your excellent work.

    The rest of us feel you were just conducting business and it was a smart move by Hamish and Scheer!

    Come back to Twitter! Don’t give the “Cult” and the “Crazies” feel the satisfaction you are allowing them to feel.

    Come back!

  13. C.C. says:

    Well said, E.O. Warren was the first voice on social media that resonated with my politics. If I ever see him in a plus-15, I’ll shake his hand and thank him for validating political pragmatism.

    Social media is like dating a psychopath: it’s all fun and games until it isn’t.

    Best of luck Warren. You deserve far better. Take a year and hang out at Rockaway Beach. After all, it’s not far, not hard to reach ….

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