10.10.2019 09:09 AM

Picture, thousand words, etc.


  1. zing says:

    Today, at 3:30pm Eastern STANDARD Time?

    We haven’t even voted yet and the Cons have already taken us back to last March….


  2. Dan Blackstone says:

    The thing I keep in mind the most about Trudeau is how (if) he gets in and got in.

    What is it, any other politician would be relegated to the dust bin by now, had they done what he has.

    It’s not his intellect, seriously I can’t remember ever listening to a politician who sounded dumber and as out of touch as he does.

    Even Warren, who said Trudeau just threw away the election back in 2015 when Trudeau said convicted terrorists with dual citizenship deserved to stay Canadian citizens and would repeal the law that stripped them of it.

    How the hell did he still win after that?

    Until now I’ve always been firm in the belief that the people are always right.

    Now, not so much..

    • Derek Pearce says:

      I’m still not sure how the NDP went from 1st to 3rd last time but the Cons lost because they came across as racist douchebags. 1) the Kurdi family having found out to have been denied entry to Canada when that poor little boy’s body in the beach made the headlines and 2) the proposed snitch-line. Canadians are not as liberal or Liberal as people assume but their sense of decency was offended.

  3. Ontario John says:

    Just when you think Groper’s Toronto Star couldn’t sink any lower to support their hero Justin, they surprise us. A writer explains that Doug Ford is making education cuts because he is prejudiced against muslims.

  4. the real Sean says:

    He’s been wearing a wig since 2008.

    Seriously, it better be the biggest f%&king whopper of all time… I think we’re all getting a little tired of the teaser trailers re. JT’s imminent destruction.

  5. lyn says:

    Canadian Coup D Etat, Trudeau is fully own and run by Democratic party David Alerod, Gerry Butts, Obama all are his friends Democratic political operatives helping Trudeau…met in Chicago. This my opinion!

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