10.30.2019 09:45 PM


I’ll always be proud to work with those who oppose racism and anti-Semitism and homophobia and misogyny and Islamophobia. Always.

I’ll always be proud to help those who have a just cause, and no resources, and need help getting heard. Always.

That’s all I wanted to say about that stuff.

But stay tuned.

That too.


  1. Pipes says:

    That’s what keeps your heart pounding and the breath in ya lad. Your maker sees it.

  2. Isiah says:

    I’d like to see somebody, with your profile, fight for cancer survivors. I’m sure you have a lot on your plate, but the fight people face after treatment, trying to get back to life, it’s rife with ignorance and stigma that makes real recovery next to impossible – It’s a disgrace – Great to have chemotherapy, a healthcare system, and numerous other treatments and research to find cures, but the fight after survival – makes all the free and equal bunk we read about a bit of a joke – try doing chemotherapy with nobody to cook your lunch, wash your clothes, or drive you to get groceries – do that without asking for help, for a hand, for much of anything – then listen to blow hards talking about self reliance, or their work ethic -while they discriminate against you in a ways that interfere with your career and full recovery.

  3. Isiah says:

    Wow, I’d have to think a bit longer – didn’t expect a response. But the crux of it is that in terms of financial recovery, and getting back to work – there is a lot of discrimination in so far as they don’t recognize that you have had time off for a real reason, cancer treatment and recovery, so there aren’t any allowances for that in terms of how they view gaps in resumes. If there were you’d have to disclose to the employer that you had cancer, at which point they will probably discriminate – then on the financial side you can’t work, so of course that impacts your credit and finances – which leads to discrimination in job applications – and, like many cancer survivors, if you choose to go bankrupt they’ll use the stigma of that, and cancer as part of the application.

    The other issue cancer survivors have is that they use the time you had off, most of it treatment and recovery, but some of it the time you have been applying – to diminish past experience and professional qualifications – minimize real and pertinent experience and education for having taken time off for cancer treatment.

    Without being able to enter a career due to the above, you never recover from the disease, and the strain of discrimination and stigma abused to rationalize holding back qualified people further erodes the health of even the strongest –

    I say this as a private person – off the cuff, the things that come to mind without really thinking about it – attitudes stigma and discrimination. It’s those attitudes entrenched and systemic that make recovery, even for the strongest, next to impossible –

    Oh, the other thing is the pseudo expertise and assumptions about lifestyle without any background or knowledge – blaming the patient, which at times is due to lifestyle, but often times it isn’t – go tell a 20 yr old with Hodgkin’s patient it’s their fault – It’s in bad taste to put a cancer patient or survivor under a microscope unless they do the same to everybody else –

  4. Isiah says:

    I should be honest. I was singled out for harassment before I had cancer – it’s that it continued following treatment and recovery, and cancer is another excuse to discriminate – I don’t know if it’s a toxic ex-colleague, politically motivated – a secret oligarchy of ten cent millionaires – but for a person who secured jobs in virtually every interview he’s ever had to be suddenly pushed out of work, and work specific to his education and professional background – roles where he excelled – feels like discriminating based on cancer is just an angle in a bigger scheme to collude – holding back more impressive people

    • Aurelia says:

      I understand, this happened to a friend of mine after she recovered from Ovarian Cancer. Luckily she did find a job eventually, through a friend of a friend, but it was hard finding home care and all the extended care while she was in treatment. During her next cancer fight, years later, she happened to have a job that allowed her to work from home and she could take a few weeks off then go back.
      But yes, discrimination against people with chronic illness, mental or physical, or acute illness, cancer survivors, or any form of disability is everywhere, even the government allows it. It’s the last big civil rights battle.

  5. Isiah says:

    The people who engage in targeted harassment, the kind they used to destabilize my earned reputation and career, so they can feel good about being useless and clueless – That’s a cancer – their little idiot clan they use to destabilize lives – that is a cancer – it caused my cancer – i pin it directly on the piece of garbage who singled me out for harassment – and they do that because they’re less impressive, lazy, and delusional

  6. Isiah says:

    To be honest, my expectation is that the individual who violates my privacy, and obstructs earned opportunity – the person or social media group that enables the bullshit they come up with to harass me – when they send my picture around with a lie attached, or to interfere in a reputation that i earned from birth doing things they would not have been able to do – they belong in jail – they should be charged – constantly forcing a false narrative on more impressive people who worked harder overcame more and have excelled at everything they have done – the cancer was caused by a low caliber piece of garbage with a god complex they didn’t earn – and they should be charged and in jail for that – for the garbage propaganda they disseminate to harass more impressive people, they really should be in jail for that.

  7. Isiah says:

    Here’s something, as a society, you should all realize.

    When you created this bullshit surveillance protection network to coddle clueless people and their childish esteem and sense of entitlement you created a fascist guild that ruined the society –

    It’s what caused my cancer, the entrenched propaganda and sense of entitlement you develop in below average people –

  8. Isiah says:

    Cancer, economic downturns they cause economic trouble, but when a person overcomes everything and excels – consistently the hardest worker and always the strongest professionally and overcomes cancer alone – no support -and the only thing that gets in his way is a false narrative less impressive toxic people push on him like a criminal guild – that is terror they should be charged, it is criminal what they do. It only makes way for a weaker candidate –

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