10.08.2019 07:41 AM

Singh, gold. Scheer, silver. May, bronze. Mr. Grecian Formula: did not qualify.

I was on Newstalk 1010 late last night for the debate. Here’s some of the commentary as it happened. And, below, are some of my tweets, gratis!


  1. Douglas W says:

    The night belonged to Jagmeet Singh. Will it be enough to bleed progressive votes away from the Liberals?

    • Bill says:


      How many of Singh’s possible votes watched this charade of a debate all the way through (if at all) would be the question. Anyone know the ratings?

      Best possible outcome would be the NDP take back the votes they lost to Trudeau’s smarmy grin and promises on electoral reform. What surprises me, is Singh is not particularly vocal on this?

      My hope there’s a lot of disenchanted blue liberals who see Trudeau as the phoney and fraud that he is, will vote conservative. I don’t see the young and indigenous vote rushing out to vote for Trudeau as in 2015 – the NDP and greens will split them. I predict a much lower turnout overall and that should benefit Scheer – conservatives will get out and vote. Let’s hope!

      Trudeau – Not As Advertised.

      • Not Justin. says:

        I teach at a university. I asked my class of ~50 students this morning how many watched the debate. Answer: 2.

        I do hope that the 20 reporters out in BC supposedly digging up (or, is it burying?) dirt on Justin can reveal the real reason why he left his job before the election. How many people who quit a job get a law firm to arrange the separation????? Nada. He was fired.

  2. Scheer said if you repeat a lie often enough people believe it and then he repeated his lie about the carbon tax.

  3. Randy Reiffenstein says:

    Singh would not be a good PM but did his best and did well. Trudeau is hopefully heading back to BC to try find his missing teachers degree, May May as well look to kindergartens maintenance as a career. Scheer did enough to demonstrate he’s ready for prime time and should be given the mantle

  4. Joseph Taylor says:

    I am highly skeptical debates move the needle at all anymore. Most people have already made up their mind and the people who haven’t aren’t as likely to vote anyway.

  5. Joe says:

    Two best lines of the debate?

    1. Grecian Formula
    2. Harper, Drink

  6. the real Sean says:

    Agreed: too many leaders, too many moderators. Production was a mess. I’m also sick of media always declaring there was no knockout punch, when it is plainly obvious that JT was crushed repeatedly like an empty can of buck a beer.

    May: she sure loves Yellowknife

    JT: run down in broad daylight and everyone knows it. The exchange re. JWR is the only thing most viewers will take away from the evening and Scheer was smart to get it in early.

    Scheer: reminded about 40% of Canadians what they grudgingly liked about Harper

    Blanchet: carries on well with the BQ tradition of smart ass complainy-head leaders. Also has a career in radio broadcasting with that voice if politics doesn’t work out.

    Singh: reasonable, sincere… doesn’t win the race.

  7. A. Voter says:

    Warren, why the silence on the Buffalo Chronicle story about PM JT? Everywhere? Libel laws in Canada?

  8. A. Mith says:

    I’ve enjoyed your site for a long time. I tend to agree with most of your commentary and over the last four years, have certainly had reason to become disenfranchised with politics as a whole.

    I had to comment though, I don’t love your continued comments on Trudeau possibly having coloured his hair. I find it distasteful. We would be critical of someone who commented on a woman who may have coloured their hair. Who cares if he did, it’s a non-issue, certainly non impactful to his abilities or inabilities as a leader. I have long regretted the day I complimented on my (male) manager’s hair after he had lightly coloured to remove the grey.

    • Mark D says:

      I think it’s the tone-deafness given l’Affair Blackface.
      I doubt it would be controversial had any of the other leaders coloured their hair, with the possible exception of Elizabeth given her green platform.

  9. J.H. says:

    Really was interesting in light of recent comments to see all those so-called reporters giving their opinions on what happened instead of just reporting the debate.
    They were almost acting like pundits! LOL!
    Sorry couldn’t resist – but it was so obvious, there wasn’t a straight ahead news report in any of the coverage.

  10. Jim Keegan says:

    Trudeau managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of simultaneously driving Liberal voters to both the Conservative and NDP camps.

  11. Dan Blackstone says:

    As much as I’d like it to have legs, the story from the Buffalo “news” is fake clickbait, whether or not there is a modicum of truth to it.

    Which I think there is..

    • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      The news on a fake news site isn’t necessarily fake. The news on a legitimate news site isn’t necessarily legitimate.

      Such is the world we live in. The world’s intelligence agencies pretty much control all the so-called legitimate media in the world.

      It makes finding the truth extremely difficult and time-consuming.

  12. Steve T says:

    I wouldn’t ever base my vote on a “zinger” or one-liner. I just enjoy them for the entertainment value.
    From that perspective, the “oddly obsessed with provincial politics” line from Scheer to Trudeau was my hands-down favorite.

  13. Leo Fleming says:

    Trudeau got crushed. Contrary to what was said above, Scheer’s over the top attack on Trudeau left him completely rattled. See rest of debate for examples. This wasn’t rope-a-dope. This was getting rocked in the opening 15 seconds of round 1 and then spend the rest of the night on the ropes getting beaten.

    Scheer reminded me very much of Harper in the way he answered questions. He even had the same cadence and dewy soft voice. The Tories must employ professional coaches. Trudeau looked ridiculous. Gasping for answers. This man is our prime minister? Are we completely undignified as a country.

  14. Max says:

    Cape Breton Liberal candidate posted this on social media : “why do skinny aboriginal girls make me wonder if they’re on pills or crystal meth”? It was in 2013, when he was 30, with a law degree in his back pocket. Same guy made jokes about being in a car stopped by RCMP for drinking and driving – and posted the photo on line. Somehow, the cracker jack LPC ‘Green Light’ vetting committee process missed all this! So how does the ‘Fake Feminist and Phony Indigenous Champion’ Justin respond last night?

    JT: ” he took responsibility…. he apologized”.

    Last night the same candidate said on CBC radio in Cape Breton: “I spoke with the Prime Minister, he’s got my back”.

    And that, my friends, is Justin’s version of Reconciliation!

    Where is Murray Sinclair when this country needs him most?

  15. Max says:

    Montreal, at first I thought this was “fake news” like the non-Globe story. So I googled ‘Buffalo Chronicle’. You were right! Trudeau is toast. Minority CPC government with NDP as official opposition. Even Althea Raj and Gerry Butts will desert Trudeau.

    All Liberal Candidates: SAVE YOURSELVES!

  16. Gilbert says:

    Andrew Scheer destroyed Justin Trudeau. I think the PM was totally unprepared and never recovered. When Andrew Scheer said the PM lied about SNC, the PM didn’t protest much.He looked uncomfortable all night. It was hilarious when he called Mr. Singh Mr. Scheer. The PM had a very poor debate.

  17. Douglas W says:

    Curious, Lizzy May said that Trudeau was going to win handily. Why would she say that? What’s her strategy behind that comment?

    • Douglas,

      Maybe a legal name change is coming to Liberal-Minority-May? Are the Greens Trudeau’s life-preserver? Could be if Scheer screwed this up and doesn’t get a solid majority change mandate.

  18. Douglas W says:

    Trudeau can anoint himself whatever he wants. Most thinking Canadians see him as a fraud.

  19. GordonInVancouver says:

    4 years ago if another leader had called Trudeau a fraud it would have backfired big time. In Canada you can’t just attack another candidate in such personal terms, unless it is widely agreed that there is a basis for the attack.

    There are a few commentators saying that Scheer went over the top, and Trudeau’s main supporters are crying foul. But there is a major lack at outrage at the attack. This is because most Canadians who watched the debate were a bit shocked by the directness of the attack but were also nodding and thinking something like “wow, I guess that is right”.

  20. Max says:

    Did Trudeau just say, with millions watching the debate, that the Globe and Mail was “false”, and by extension reject the Ethics Commissioner’s report, that he previously “fully accepted”?! He’s qualified to be Trump’s Canadian Diplomat. That’s about it.

  21. Bill,

    I don’t necessarily entirely disagree but I was willing to take Trudeau on his merits (such as they turned out to be) and will do reluctantly the same with Scheer.

  22. Ontario John says:

    Its a good thing spending on our troops didn’t come up during the debate. Global News reports that Groper has been quietly cutting back on funding for veterans in hospitals, leaving the hospitals on the hook for millions. Groper can find lots of money to send kids canoeing with him next summer, but vets are asking for too much when it comes to their healthcare.

  23. Pedant says:

    New post-debate Forum poll.
    CPC 35
    Lib 28

    Usual caveat applies : need to wait for confirmation from other pollsters.

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