11.22.2019 08:14 AM

In yesterday walks tomorrow


  1. Peter says:

    But everybody understood exactly what Nixon and his team were accused of doing. Not so this time. From blogger, law professor and independent Dem-leaner, Ann Althouse:

    I’m very busy. I’m going to vote next year, but I’m seeing this impeachment business, and I don’t have time to do all the homework. I don’t trust any of you politicos, and I don’t want to try to figure out who among all you characters is more honest and patriotic than the others. I’d like to wait for the election and hash it all out next year in the normal way, but you’re talking about immersing us in all this crazy stuff about who said what to whom and what was in Trump’s head. You need the support of the people — normal people, like me — and you need to tell me clearly, factually, what the hell you are talking about. If you say 100 words without pulling it together and making sense to me, you need to shut up and leave me alone. I hate you.

    • Trump tried to extorted Ukraine into announcing investigations into dubious claims about Biden and ridiculous claims about the DNC email servers buy holding back congressionally mandated aid. Even asking Ukraine to investigate an opponent is illegal.

      • Peter says:

        Reading your response (Extorting a country? Asking Ukraine to investigate an opponent is what? Do you know anything about U.S. constitutional law on foreign policy?) I continue to marvel at how after three years the Dems and their backers keep digging in with one Manichean fable after another. Meanwhile, the beat goes on.

        • Asking Ukraine to investigate an opponent is a violation of U.S. Code § 30121

          • Peter says:

            What! You must work in Schiff’s office. Zero for statutory interpretation, but ten for creativity. I’m standing by waiting for you to say those Clinton campaign operatives who paid for the Steele dossier should be charged.

          • doconnor says:

            Because Steele was paid to do the work, it isn’t “contribution or donation”. It’s not illegal for campaigns to hire foreigners.

            Also remember that Steele was initially hired by Trump’s Republican opponents.

        • Fred from BC says:

          “Because Steele was paid to do the work, it isn’t “contribution or donation”. It’s not illegal for campaigns to hire foreigners.”

          No, but it IS illegal to pay them with campaign money laundered by funneling it through a friendly law firm.

      • Gord Tulk says:

        Dubious claims? Not really. As for Ukraine interference-let’s see what the IG comes up with.

        A thin-skinned counterpuncher like president Trump is likely far more interested in investigating what happened in 2016 (absolutely legal and proper thing to do) than future threats like Biden.

        Regardless neither remotely meets the level of impeachable.

        And more interesting is the claim – let’s use the word dubious – that the Dems are doing this for rule of law reasons – not political ones. Yet they will close these hearings without subpoenaing Bolton and guiliani and a half -dozen other first-hand witnesses. It’s like watergate without Dean testifying.


        Because it will take a minimum of three months to wade through the courts to get them to testify (maybe). And that would interfere with the dem primaries and the fundraising for 2020 ( with the DNC is currently running a deficit and raising jack squat from these prime time televised hearings). So this is POLITICAL.

        And the Dems are thus full of it.

        And cocaine Mitch is licking his chops at calling the Bidens and the clintons and Obama to the stand right around when The NH primary happens.

        Should be epic.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          You said it yourself. Impeachment is political and nothing other than political. And what’s impeachable is what politicians of the governing party deem to be impeachable. Sure it’s all bullshit legally speaking just like when the Republican House did it to Clinton. Bullshit then, bullshit now. But as Willie Sutton said: you impeach because that’s where the political damage is (can be done). Bullshit Democrats and Bullshit Republicans. So, Trump inevitably gets impeached.

          No Senate conviction then and none now. But the real fun for Trump starts five minutes after he leaves office. You know it, I know it and Trump can’t ever afford to forget it.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          It won’t be epic because Democrats will simply do to Senate Committees what Republicans are now doing to House Committees. How could it be otherwise? All of them are fucking politicians…

          • Gord Tulk says:

            What are the GOP house members doing to interfere with the schiff?

            I think McConnell will give the senate dems more leeway. And now if appears that schiff wants to revisit mueller. That gives McConnell even more license to dig into what Obama and Clinton did to try and prevent trump.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            You wrote of Nunes earlier. Are you at all surprised about Nunes’ alleged involvement re: Ukraine. Me, not one bit.

        • Trump repeated his claim today that CrowdStrike sent the DNC server to Ukraine. It was a cload server and never physically examined and CrowdStrike is an American company co-founded by someone born in Russia.


    • The Doctor says:

      Aaah yes, the “it’s too confusing” defence.

  2. The Doctor says:

    Note the whataboutism.

    But but Hillary.

    Great find, Warren!

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