11.01.2019 02:37 PM

Ms. Hébert on Mr. Trudeau

I totally disagree with her.

When you lose a million-plus votes, when you are shut out from Winnipeg to Vancouver, and when you lose a sure-thing second majority – and when nobody wants to hear from you, or any politician, for quite some time, thank you very much – laying low is a smart strategy.

I don’t know if they are feeling humbled, but they are looking humbled. As they should.


  1. It’s pretend humble.

    All you have to think about is the deliberate end-run they all enthusiastically did around the Minister, JWR.

    Trudeau doesn’t do actual humble. It’s merely just another theatrical role, one of his supposed fine performances. Too bad much of the audience ain’t buying it anymore.

  2. Douglas W says:

    JT, looking humble, is just act. Plus, trouble on the horizon: Question Period, with Pierre Poilievre and Charlie Angus, looking to dine out daily on a weak front bench. Ain’t going to be pretty.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I’m more open to these type of politicians than in the past. But there’s a BIG but: if they act with maturity and wisdom, they’ll be remarkably effective. If not…it’s a train wreck in the making.

  3. joe says:

    Perhaps Mr Trudeau et al are meeting with their lawyers and figuring how to stonewall (oops get their defence strategy sorted out) the RCMP investigation into their behaviour?

  4. Joseph says:

    Got to ask after reading that column, what points that she made that you disagreed with?
    This is your site so you get to decide content and that’s what I would like to see.
    So I’m interested in hearing more than “I disagree”.
    Is it a specific point or the general thrust of the column?
    Looking forward to your response.

    • Joseph says:

      Okay my bad. You did in a way elaborate.
      Must be age.
      But still I would be interested if you could elaborate on some of the points made in the column with regard to the timing of recalling parliament and the amount of time any new faces in the front bench would have to get up to speed on their portfolio?
      I mean if for example if Freeland gets moved to a new portfolio she’s had her eye on ,will she be up to the task or will she get taken down by lack of preparation?

    • Phil says:

      I’m with you Joseph, usually the fact Chantelle Herbert’s name is associated with a column is often enough for me to disagree with it. In fact I have rarely read one of Hebert’s columns without vomiting (let’s be honest, I don’t know if I ever before got to the bottom on one her columns) so I tore into this looking for some red meat to get all bothered about. I agree they are looking humbled but is there a more subtle nuance that a knuckle dragging conservative missed? In fact I thought her piece more or less said they need to be mindful of the results.
      Warren and others please type slowly so I can understand.

      • Joseph says:

        Well I don’t dispute that there isn’t something in the article to dispute. What I was interested in was specific points made by Hebert.
        You and I can have specifics that we can point out but I was more interested in the sites owner disgorging his opinion which he touched on.
        As to Hebert columns I read them not for what she writes but for what she’s trying not to say.

        • Fred from BC says:

          Just going by what I read above, I would extrapolate that Ms. Hebert thinks Justin Trudeau should *not* be ‘laying low’, as he seems to be doing. I would also disagree with her on that point.

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