, 11.25.2019 05:53 PM

Statement by me and Daisy Group

I have been contacted by a CBC reporter who has told me that they have recordings secretly made at my firm in the Spring.  The recordings are about anti-racism work we did.  We’re really proud of that work.

Here’s a summary of what I said to this reporter.

We do not discuss client matters publicly.  It is up to the client to make public the relationship.

But I can say we have proactively reached out to Elections Canada and disclosed everything we did up until June 29, 2019, when our work ended – as the law requires.

I have proudly been exposing and opposing racism for more than 30 years.  Daisy Group has also exposed and opposed racists, anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, Islamophobes and misogynists for many years.  Many people and organizations seek us out to assist them in opposing hate.

I have proudly been exposing and opposing racism for more than 30 years.  As a political assistant, in 1990, I documented known white supremacists joining Preston Manning’s Reform Party.  In 1993, I documented Kim Campbell’s inadequate response to the presence of actual neo-Nazis in the Canadian Airborne Regiment.  In 2000, as a political advisor, I documented the presence of known racists in Stockwell Day’s Canadian Alliance. 

After lots of research, I concluded none of those leaders were in any way racist.  However, their parties had a problem in those days, which was well-known. 

But the extremism found in the People’s Party of Canada is far worse, and far more pervasive, than anything I experienced before. 

We were, and are, very proud to shine a light on the many extremists found in the People’s Party of Canada. 


  1. joe says:

    If this was the Soviet Union, I ‘d say the state controlled media was attacking you due to your unfavourable comments about the Dear Leader during the last election.

    But this is Canada so that couldn’t happen.

  2. Larry Di ianni says:

    Your work over decades has been admired by many. I personally did not agree with your political stance this last Federal election but do not begrudge you your right to make a living and to express your considered opinions. Good luck as you move forward. Politics is tough and you have known, written and consulted on that aspect.

    • Will Purcell says:

      Hell, I didn’t agree with his political stances in any of the previous federal elections — although in retrospect I must admit I kind of came around to the whole Chretien thing. He was more fiscally conservative than Harper.

      Nevertheless, I respect and admire Mr. Kinsella’s work over the decades past, just as you do.

      Partisan politics is all well and fine, vital, even, but all sides have to show common decency and morals, no matter which side you’re on.

      If not, I’m against you, whether I agree with you on the politics or not.


  3. Des says:

    You’re not wrong and they should be rooted out in all parties. Full out. In fact, there is an anti-Israel candidate in Quebec that needs to be investigated. If the Liberals believe that trying to get a UN security council seat that appeases the North Koreans and our Middle Eastern enemies will get them any sort of bump they will be badly mistaken. No general election voter cares about that. Harper lost that security council seat because we joined our allies in Afghanistan and we still got a majority. The general public doesn’t understand what it means and the Liberals think that it’s a tipping point. THE GENERAL PUBLIC DOESN’T CARE

  4. Marilyn Baker says:

    I would be interested in knowing if the CBC will publish your statement which I think is excellent. If all political parties had those statements as part of their creed, known racists and misogynists would have to slither back under their slimy rocks. I do think that parties that question immigration policy are vulnerable to infiltration by racists.

    • Amorosa E says:

      I do think that parties that question immigration policy are vulnerable to infiltration by racists.

      Agree on that. Have half my family black (and by black I don’t mean African American but sub-Saharan African born brown skinned population).

      If all parties would question the immigration policies currently held by governments in countries from Canada to Sweden and Germany, that is, the unbelievably naive Western policy excluding maybe Australia and the US partly, there would be much less both possibility and motivation to racists to vote on the one party that opposes it. The same pattern has replicated in many many countries. A new party has become popular simply because it refuses to publicly deny or belittle the existing immigration related problem field, and expresses will to do corrective moves.

      Those parties have one thing in common. They basically provide opposition to the status quo at many areas on politics at the same time. The US is a natural two party system, so Republicans have collected the opposition, where in Germany, a new party called AfD has done it.

      The parties provide opposition for many widely held but questionable or just overenforced policies, running from banning plastic straws, natural gas pipes to recurring gas tax hikes, subsidies on wind power plants and their clearings, to things like welfare state destruction by documented immigration from war zones, and equality of outcome instead of opportunity.

      The left has been so successful some people think we should do everything the left happens to embrace now. Not so. The good things have mostly happened already. Heading to socialism as is openly pushed by some very high profile politicians such as Bernie Sanders is a big mistake which all Venezuelans and East Europeans can only try to warn about. Not by chance, the Western policies on immigration, carbon dioxide, and equality are not nearly as popular in the East Europe.

      One last chapter. I find billionaires like Michael Bloomberg extremely corrupted. They may ride on leftists ideas, but their own party is the billionaire party. They don’t care a bit about the middle class, nor about safety orovided by state borders. They have body guards and gated communities, so they don’t blink on security challenges. They are also populists in their politics, just on the opposing side.

    • J.H.,

      I hope you’ll agree that we have to tread exceedingly carefully here. For the PRC, our relations are exclusively about Meng – it’s all Meng, all of the time.

      That’s why they are holding Kovrig and Spavor as bargaining chips. If either is a CSIS officer, or even a CIA foreign agent, then the deal ain’t going to get done anytime soon.

      Normally, you would play tit for tat and swap, for example, MSS officers and/or Chinese agents in Canada. But that can’t and won’t work this time. It’s either Meng’s release from arrest, or show-trials ahead for the Canadians.

      • J.H. says:

        Don’t disagree with the points you raise. However, I never had any hopes that Trudeau or the Liberals would do their job as a government when it came to China. And as they would have with nearly any other country.
        Read ‘Claws of the Panda’ – this is the Chinese Communist Party plan, IE recruiting Trudeaus, Lib politicians, Biz elites like Power Corp etc. & academics as ‘useful idiots’. It’s been underway since before PET went to China in ’49’. CSIS boss McFadden warned us & government, so Trudeau fired him.

  5. the real Sean says:

    I think its awesome that your firm did this work. Having it brought to light actually raises my opinion of the political consulting business. Keep fighting the good fight and don’t look back.

  6. Steve T says:

    This would be hilarious, if it weren’t so scary, and on the public’s nickle (via the CBC).

    You can bet the CBC wouldn’t care at all if this was an anti-racism review for any other reason. But when it is commissioned by the Conservatives, it just blows the CBC’s little pea brain. They don’t like it when the stereotype of all conservatives doesn’t hold true. And they really don’t like when it isn’t commissioned by the Annointed One, our current PM.

    Your tax dollars at work, folks.

    • Chris says:

      Also, this “news” organization went after and “outed” the whistle blower, as if he was some sort of pedophile or racist, who brought attention to Trudeau’s publicly available blackface photo. CBC News has no shame, no ethics, no honesty.

  7. Doug says:

    The Laurentian Elite must have excommunicated Warren. Time to move back to Calgary.

  8. Alana says:

    What is wrong with highlighting racist tweets made by CPC members? Isn’t in fair debate?

    I don’t see any form of libellous remarks but the CBC is suggesting that you did that?

    Good work on exposing that lunatic of that tabloid newspaper. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tabloid had a connection to the CPC and vice versa.

    BTW, I also saw a campaign sign for “The Canadian Nationalist party” at Mc Cowan and Ellesmere during election week. How do these people get into politics?

    • Fred from BC says:

      “What is wrong with highlighting racist tweets made by CPC members?”

      “I wouldn’t be surprised if the tabloid had a connection to the CPC ”

      You must mean the PPC, right?

  9. Robert White says:

    Your opposition research was topic of discussion on Ottawa Today 1310 AM radio in Ottawa, Warren. Mark Sutcliffe interviewed Barry McLaughlin on 1310 AM for the 9am show. They both spoke very favourably about you, and Daisy Group. McLaughlin said you are Canada’s best known opposition research expert.

    Mark & Barry liked you to ‘a hired gun’.

    Bottom line is that many Journalists across Canada are speaking admirably about you and your input into the election. And that’s great for business IMHO.

    Cheers, Robert

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