11.08.2019 12:21 PM

Words to die by


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    Andrew Jurgen Kaut says:

    So, wait.

    You’re a twit again? I thought you were done with that; considering only pundits and trolls are on Twitter (I’ve retired as the successful latter, full disclosure), I’m wondering why you’d feel the need to go back.

    Here I was thinking you’d want to stay away from mob rule and censorship. *insert short movie clip of “you try to get out, they pull you right back in”…*

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      Warren says:

      A journalist told me that the Twitter account had been hacked. He suggested that somebody had my password. I went back in to deal with that.

      Don’t misunderstand me: I can handle social media. I’ve been doing it a long time. I just turned it off because I got tired of people telling me to kill myself.

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