12.04.2019 11:45 AM

In other news, Emperor Donald Trump left early because he wears no clothes

Look, I know I’m being a typically oversensitive Canadian, pathologically obsessed with what Americans think about us and all that – but he’s our Prime Minister, New York Times, not a “premier.”


  1. joe says:

    Perhaps the NY Times is suggesting Justin should be a premier and not PM?

    Less of an embarrassment?

  2. Typical American egocentric ignorance. Yes, even at the mighty NYT.

  3. In fairness, American media has always referred to the other countries’ Prime Ministers as « premiers » as well—that term is just shorthand for Prime Minister.

    In fact, every provincial premier in Canada is officially the Prime Minister of their respective province. It’s just that by convention, the Canadian media makes the distinction between the federal and provincial ones by referring to the former as the « Prime Minister ».

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