12.18.2019 01:00 PM

She should also be named Prime Minister of Canada (updated)

Great news.  And deserved.

UPDATE: And look at what just happened here.


  1. Maureen says:

    And to top it off, SNC pleaded guilty to one count of fraud today.

  2. Robert White says:

    If I were Butts & PM I, for one, would invite JWR back into the Liberal fold & caucus. As PM I would then tell Canadians that I made a huge mistake in letter her go. I would also appoint her Deputy PM and I would urge Liberals to vote her in as party leader at the end of my term.

    That’s what I would do if I were in the PMO.


    • Dave says:

      I doubt his fart catchers would agree…..but you are correct.

    • WestGuy says:

      Never going to happen. Despite the way he treated her and the allegations of what the PMO and the rest did, he still got re-elected. Getting re-elected despite all that (and all the other stuff) is proof to him that he doesn’t have anything he needs to apologize for…anymore.

    • Robert,

      I’ve got to take this one apart piece by piece: JWR won’t return to the Liberal fold because it would make Trudeau look now, or confirm that he was an idiot throughout; Justin’s ego and excessive pride will never allow him to admit even the most minor of mistakes on the SNC file; Freeland has the show job and it would be beyond awkward to have her relinquish it; finally, a current or immediately former party leader can’t show partiality in a leadership race underway to choose his or her successor. Simply can’t be done under any circumstances.

  3. joe says:

    Referring to SNC, did Trudeau just get “a deferred prosecution agreement” or its equivalent?

    I do applaud JWR for standing up for what she thought was right, but looks like Trudeau got what he wanted.

  4. Fred from BC says:

    JWR sent me a new 2020 desk calendar today; the last one has proven pretty handy, so it was a pleasant surprise. I noticed one odd thing, though: while this calendar, unsurprisingly, makes no mention of the Liberal Party, *neither did the previous one*.

    Did she somehow know that she had no future in the Liberal Party?

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