, 01.23.2020 09:27 AM

Hole-y: CNN is now covering the stupid doughnut thing

And I’m amazed CNN spelled “doughnut” correctly. Usually they spell it like these guys do.

PS: this proves that (a) we’re lucky that this counts as a scandal, when you consider what is going on right now in the U.S. Senate and (b) the world is crazy.

Washington (CNN) — A photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a Winnipeg-based doughnut shop has proved to be a lightning rod among pastry-enthusiastic onlookers online.

The confectionery controversy began when Trudeau tweeted a photo of himself carrying boxes out of the Oh Doughnuts shop in Winnipeg. “Picked up some of Winnipeg’s best to keep us going through another full day of Cabinet meetings,” the Prime Minister wrote. “Thanks for the fuel, @OhDoughnuts. #shoplocal”

The doughnut shop responded to Trudeau’s post with its own tweet thanking him for his visit. “We can confirm he carried these out the door. Pretty sure Health Canada would agree everything is okay in moderation,” the shop said. 

Some rushed to praise the Prime Minister, celebrating his support for a local business. Others criticized him for what they viewed as an overly “expensive” doughnut purchase.

Trudeau appeared to be carrying five large boxes of doughnuts with two smaller boxes on top. According to Oh Doughnuts’ website, an assortment of 12 “regular doughnuts” costs $35 Canadian ($26.61 in US dollars), with assortments of 12 “specialty doughnuts” running as high as $47 Canadian ($35.73 USD).

Those prices rattled some social media users, who chided the Prime Minister for not favoring a cheaper alternative.


  1. Ron Benn says:

    When the biggest issue of the day (or week) is that some upscale doughnuts were consumed by some elected officials and their fart catchers … well, that speaks volumes about the state of the nation.

    The real question is why the Trudeau government is not living up to its promise to develop policy on the basis of evidence, rather than ideological predispositions. After all, there are thousands of people with degrees in the nutritional sciences who could be interviewed endlessly about the relative merits of the empty, but flavourful, calories that doughnuts represent. Why did the Trudeau government ignore the carrot and celery farmers? Is this just another example of how the Trudeau clan hates farmers? Seriously!

    As it relates to CNN – they ceased to be a serious newscaster decades ago (if they ever were). They, along with all of the other news and sports channels, have failed to figure out how to fill 24 hours with 15 minutes of news.

    Over to you Wolf.

  2. joe says:

    Justin Trudeau trying to show he’s just an ordinary boss by buying premium doughnuts for his employees.

    How nice that Justin would treat his colleagues so well. Especially nice to see that that Justin paid for them himself. 🙂

    And it’s worth noting that Justin has finally found a role for which he is truly qualified.

  3. Steve T says:

    I am a Conservative, and don’t like JT for all sorts of reasons. The doughnut situation is not one of them.

    He supported a local business here in Winnipeg, rather than buying mass-produced donuts (note spelling change) from a company that treats its employees like dirt. He absolutely did the right thing. And, FFS, this is a couple hundred dollars. It is hardly indicative of a “spending problem”.

    In a way I’m glad CNN is covering this, to highlight the ridiculousness of the idiots who critiqued JT for “doughnut-gate”.

  4. The Doctor says:

    Exhibit A for illustrating everything that’s inane and brain-dead about most content on social media.


  5. Surely, the Prime Minister was also thoughtful enough to send complimentary samples to JWR, JP and CCC. Because it’s 2020.

  6. Jim R says:

    My comments in today’s Vancouver Sun:

    “The only issue here is reversion to the mean. I.e., our PM has reverted to his photo-op loving self despite his short lived attempt to appear more concerned with governing than getting his picture taken.”


    “Yup, great use of the PM’s time; doing something an intern is paid to do.”

    • Nasty Bob says:

      Send an intern to get the doughnuts ? You must be a Yankee ? CEO’s in the US send the intern. Here in Canada it’s considered good bosspersonship to humble yourself and get them yourself. It says “ I’m not such a tall poppy “

      Or maybe you don’t work ? Or work for a crappy company like Tim’s , who probably don’t even bother to bring their own goods to the meeting where they announce to staff something like pee breaks are limited to 60 seconds or less

      Anyway , welcome to Canada and , as a new resident , keep in mind it’s impolite to tell some one to “ have another doughnut “ . You’ll get a one game suspension!

    • Walter says:

      This is the exact thing.

      Complaining about the cost of donuts is what the Liberals turned this issue into – to make it appear frivolous.
      It is about the PM, that was trying to appear serious – reverting back to Selfies.
      With growing concerns with the economy, corona virus, Iran impeding plane investigation – this is what Trudeau finds most important – a Selfy .
      It also takes away attention from the Climate hypocrisy of flying all these people halfway across the county – when these Cabinet retreats under previous government where always held in the Ottawa/Gatineau region to control costs and reduce carbon emissions.

      • Warren says:

        Mike, I generally like my commenters. You are welcome to come in and comment, but not to attack others behind a pseudonym. First and last warning.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:

          Does this mean he’ll actually have the ballzies to comment going forward under his own enlightened name? Don’t hold your breath.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:

          I’m pretty low on the totem poll. The alleged kooks have bigger fish to fry.

          However, some in the past did manage to take their best shot. I’m still standing.

  7. Doug says:

    If JT had any substance, he would attract substantial media coverage.

  8. Fred from BC says:

    I like Chris Selley’s take on this:

    “Five people complaining on Twitter does not make a scandal”.

    Very first thing I thought when I heard about it. Who exactly thinks this is newsworthy, and how many people are actually complaining about it?

  9. Warren says:

    Who knows. They could all be one guy.

    But they’re not changing my mind on the subject.

  10. Steve T says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “most of the commentary”? From what I can tell, the comments are slightly in favor of JT (ie – that this whole “scandal” is ridiculous, and agreeing with WK’s original post).

    For the minority of people who did indicate that JT’s actions were inappropriate, you are really lumping them in with climate deniers? Funny how some left-wingers love to champion fairness and impartiality when it suits them, but then stereotype all small-c conservatives when it makes for a pithy comment.

    • Steve T says:

      No worries, Mike. Your response is great, and so atypical of the usual political discourse these days! I myself get worked up about things on occasion, and it is always good to realize when we need to step back a bit. If only we all could be like that, we might have more productive conversations.
      Enjoy your weekend!

      • Fred from BC says:

        ” Your response is great, and so atypical of the usual political discourse these days!”

        Looking at the time stamps, it also has more to do with a reaction to his post at 3:38 PM than him suddenly becoming a reasonable guy. Just saying…

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