, 01.18.2020 12:59 PM

KINSELLACAST 91: Adler, Mraz and Me on Tories, racists and Wallenberg


  1. Tanya says:

    Kinsella is the brains and Adler is the emotion in this bromance. Hence why I can’t listen to Adler. What both these Liberal voters (Adler can’t fool me) are missing is that they themselves are doing the same thing of what they accuse the ‘angry Conservatives’ of doing. Poor, generic rhetoric. I’m a Conservative. I’m not angry. First and foremost, I always respect and am grateful to live in a democracy in which I can freely express my opinion. I will never have a hissy fit over the results of an election. I’ll just keep on keepin’ on. And I represent the majority of Conservatives. This ‘angry’ group they speak of in this podcast is not the majority. They are a small group of miserable twitter hotheads, not unlike the ‘angry Liberals’ on the left who non stop shout ‘racism!, Nazi!’ at anyone that leans to the right. But Kinsella and Adler are both so wrapped up in thinking what they think is right, they can’t be objective. Implicit bias. Still love Kinsella though.

  2. Martin says:

    What Tanya said. I even use the keep on keepin’ on line. The results of an election should have no impact on friendships or how you live your life. Especially in a country where most of us generally agree on a lot of the big stuff. I generally find that my friends on the left are much angrier after an election doesn’t go their way.

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