, 01.06.2020 11:24 PM

This is the best email ever. Grateful.


Dear Mr. Kinsella

I’m sorry to waste your time on this, but your books (specifically the X Gang series) have helped me through so much. I’m a thirteen-year-old girl, and I have loved punk rock for as long as I can remember. my favorite bands are Bad Religion and Bikini Kill. I have always felt so ignored and cast out by everybody. Recently, I told somebody I thought I could trust that I had feelings towards other girls, and that person told everybody. Even though getting called “fag” and “dyke” is the highlight of my day, dressing like the unborn child of Sid and Nancy didn’t help that case at all. Your books and your characters are like my family. It is so amazing to see how close the punks were back then. I wish I knew people like X, Kurt, and Patti in real life. I can’t even imagine all of the things they had to go through. And to think it was based on a true story. I also love the constant Clash and Pistols references. Your books (along with a lot of great music) helped me realize that it’s okay to dress how I dress and believe in what I want to believe. If you ever happened to see this, thank you so much. punk’s not dead (I hope). I recently figured out that the Hot Nasties were a real band. I don’t know if you played in it, but they rock. My favorite song by them is secret of immortality.


one of your readers


In my head X kinda looks like teenage David bowie, and I tried to change that image cause I don’t really love the image of bowie kissing teenage girls but now that image is forever in my brain. Also, Kurt is my favorite character cause I guess I can relate to him the most and he was like a make-shift best friend to me for a long time. sorry for wasting those few seconds of your life you’ll never get back.”


  1. Fred from BC says:

    Can’t even imagine how good that feels…just connecting to someone of her generation is tough enough, but to actually change her life?

    Well done, Sir. Frame that for your wall.

  2. Brett Clark says:

    Warren, somebody should hire her. She is going to be the generation that will actually fix a lot of the crap that our generation caused. She is smart. I also loved that era from the late 70’s to late 80’s. Mullet with spiked hair, pierced my ear. Ripped clothes and all the other stuff from that time that gave me unfettered joy. Also the stupid stuff like trying lots of drugs. Thank god that part of it is behind me far away. So (will call you Patti), it was a pleasure to read your post on Warren’s site. NEVER change from your course, follow your instinct and heart. If some day our paths cross let us comandeer a couple choice chairs on a cafe patio with extra large lattes and regale each other with stories about life and stupid shit that makes one laugh. Anyways, you have a good day Patti. Remember you are loved for who you are. And THAT you can take to the bank. Laterz

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