, 02.20.2020 09:50 PM

Friday night! SFH! The Bovine! Dance!

Friday, February 21: Shit From Hell is playing at the Bovine Sex Club.

Yes. That is the name of our band. Yes, that is the name of the club where we are playing.

Some other great bands are playing. We asked to go first, so we can hang out with our friends and dance. It’s the launch of my new book, Age of Unreason, too.

So, come on by and dance and have fun. I’ll sell you a Donald Trump Is An Asshole T-shirt and throw in the book. Records, too. (They’re taking up too much room in the basement.)

I know you’ve got other crap going on. I know. But we would be grateful if you came by and hung out, even for a bit.

Friday, around 9, at 542 Queen Street West. Come! It will be a blast, and great to see you.


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    Roger Clarke says:

    Greetings from Panama, senior! It’s warmer than TO believe it or not…

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