02.26.2020 08:16 AM

Why won’t the provincial government tell Walker Industries to slow down?

I know and actively support some of the people involved, so I know this: Walker Industries has made life in Clearview Township miserable.  They have dozens upon dozens of huge trucks – dirty, noisy, unsafe trucks – tearing through town, to and from their aggregate facility. Week after week, month after month.

Lately, they’ve hired a bunch of high-priced lobbyists at Strategy Corp. to kill a grassroots effort designed to put a halt to this truck insanity.  And Walker is a corporate behemoth that make lots and lots of generous political donations to their pals.

Someone is going to get hurt, or worse.  Why won’t the provincial government stop it?  That’s a question I plan to ask.  Here’s why:


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    Wes W says:

    What do you want them to do? Can they avoid town with alternate roads?

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    WestGuy says:

    Not a great video. There’s a lot of conjecture and implication going on without any obvious causal link. For example, are they implying that the trucks going down the street in town the cause of all the business closures?

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