03.09.2020 10:01 PM

An Italian physician’s story

Here. Read all of it.

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  1. Steve T says:

    I think the Italian case-study is the one that should worry us more, here in North America. It evidences what happens in a Western country, when people are asked to adhere to a quarantine.

    We in the West seem to have no problem freaking out and stocking up on toilet paper, because God forbid we have a dirty bum during a pandemic. But ask us to stay in our homes, and avoid infecting other people. Well now you are infringing on our “civil liberties”, and all that. Plus, you know, I feel fine so why should I follow the rules?

    There is a reason that China is seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases. Their citizens follow the rules. Not that we want to emulate all (or even most) of China’s governing structure, but there is something to be said for structure in situations like this.

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