03.24.2020 07:45 AM


Walter Lippman said it well: “In a democracy, the opposition is not only tolerated as constitutional, but must be maintained because it is indispensable.”

The Prime Minister squanders whatever goodwill he’d built up over ten days in just ten minutes. A cautionary tale.


  1. Jake Swan says:

    Thanks for standing up for the country on this one.

  2. joe long says:

    After the last election some thought Justin Trudeau had changed. He assured us he had learned.

    Last night we saw the conniving Justin Trudeau back in action. The Trudeau we’ve seen dealing with Admiral Norman, Ms. Wilson-Raybould, Ms Philpott, and so many others.

    At his next press conference, he’ll spin it as “We consulted with the opposition, listened to them, like we always do, and then proposed a course of action.”

    Adjectives cannot describe my loathing of this person.

    It’s time for Mr Trudeau to do something else, like teaching drama.

  3. Chris Sigvaldason says:

    Justin Trudeau, on Tuesday morning, “thanks” the Opposition for doing its job and preventing his own government from breaking the constitution. Just like he “thanked” JWR for trying to prevent him from over-riding the public prosecutor.

    The lack of any ethical compass in the Trudeau Liberals is just breath-taking.

    • Chris Sigvaldason says:

      The Liberals did this with two thoughts, each egregious, cynical, and despicable:

      1. They put these anti-democratic poison pills in hoping that they could actually get away with it, giving themselves almost two years of unfettered power.

      2. They put these poison pills in, knowing that the Conservative opposition couldn’t possible support them, thus making the Conservatives look like the bad guys for holding up much needed economic aid. Rosie Barton fell for this all day on CBC News Channel. Chantal Hebert fell for this in her Twitter feed. Unthinking Liberal partisans swamped Twitter with this line of thinking. Disgusting partisan politics.

  4. the real Sean says:

    Given the unusual level of corruption exhibited by this particular PM’s staff and given that about 1/2 of this cabinet including the PM are not professionally qualified to make decisions about *anything*… it wouldn’t be wise to allow carte blanche on public recovery funds.

    PS – election in about 12 months or so… They obviously want to use the situation to crank out public funds for votes…. approved by no one except GB.

  5. Steve Teller says:

    Exactly. The opposition has been mostly going along with things so far, but this power grab has reinvigorated them.

  6. The Doctor says:

    I recall Liberals and their supporters constantly accusing Stephen Harper of being a dictator. Hmmm

  7. Peter says:

    Well, are we on a war-footing or not? Surely there is a disconnect between shutting most of the economy down, closing our borders and calling for hard time for someone who violates the self-isolation edicts, but insisting on preserving our sacred right to have a partisan opposition block emergency measures to keep the economy from collapsing? Look what’s happening down south with their remedial bill? These tensions are likely to grow and won’t be helped by the constant media-fueled panic. But there is no doubt that confronting a collective existential threat implies a constriction of some ” fundamental” values. So, do we really believe that’s what we are confronting or not? I’m not there yet, but I’m behaving as if I were.

    Perhaps it might seem a paradox that a war undertaken in the name of liberty and right should require, as a necessary part of its processes, the surrender for the time being of so many of the dearly valued liberties and rights. In these last few days the House of Commons has been voting dozens of Bills which hand over to the executive our most dearly valued traditional liberties. We are sure that these liberties will be in hands which will not abuse them, which will use them for no class or party interests, which will cherish and guard them, and we look forward to the day, surely and confidently we look forward to the day, when our liberties and rights will be restored to us, and when we shall be able to share them with the peoples to whom such blessings are unknown.

    –Winston Churchill, September, 3rd, 1939.

  8. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    I expect the bill is a Russian doll. The most egregious grap for unconstitutional coup was obvious and easily discarded.

    I expect there is a 2nd unconstitutional power grap within the text of the remaining bill, less obvious, more hidden.

    Hopefully the Opposition will resist. The Trudeau gang cannot be trusted. The media cannot be trusted. They are asking no tough questions on the lack of testing, which is as critical to stopping the virus as social distancing.

    The Conservatives, NDP and Bloc should demand a unity government, with handful of Conservatives, Singh, and Blanchet in Cabinet with the Liberals.

    And if the Liberals say no to leading one, the Opposition should form one themselves, and invite the Liberals to participate.

  9. joe long says:

    Mr Reid has some valid points. You may not agree with all of them. But I do not trust Mr Trudeau. He got caught trying to pull a fast one, and as of 1400 Tuesday, I’m not sure he’s still not trying.


    • Fred from BC says:

      Trudeau backed off this pretty quickly. Wise move, but the damage is already done…he actually made Andrew Scheer look good.

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Executive “orders”, even via cabinet are not legitimate without the foundation of parliamentary legislation. This is not a presidential system — the orders are more than likely unconstitutional. They will back down and make changes, not because they want to but to avoid an election. Had this been a majority, they would have referenced it to SCOC and gone ahead regardless. (What incredibly weak bench strength in this PMO…)

    • Fred from BC says:

      “They will back down and make changes, not because they want to but to avoid an election. ”

      Good call, Ron…didn’t take them long, either.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        My bone with them is one related to process. In fact, up until now it was my impression that Trudeau was doing pretty good with regard to this crisis. And then they go and draft for cabinet something as monumentally stupid as this.

        • Douglas W says:

          Monumentally stupid: you’re being overly kind.
          Hope the Opposition pounds home the point that the Liberals tried to pull a fast one (sleazy, slime ball politics) at a time when everyone had parked their partisan ways.

          Can’t trust Trudeau should be the central theme when this country treks to the polls in the next year.

          • Fred from BC says:

            “Monumentally stupid: you’re being overly kind.”

            That’s just the kind of guy he is. We need more Ronalds in this world…

  11. Yet another Calgarian says:

    I can’t wait to see what this lot does with the Emergencies Act if it gets invoked.

    I would expect the words “temporary measures” to be contorted beyond intent rather quickly.

  12. Peter says:

    C’mon, as a life-long con-leaner who doesn’t like the LPC or Trudeau, I really wouldn’t be upset with the Bloc’s suggestion that they be given these extraordinary powers until September. Do we really fear a coup by JT with a minority government? Are the anti-Trudeauites here starting to mimic the fevered anti-Trumpers down south? Is this an unprecedented national emergency or not? How can one justify demanding or supporting the total shutdown of all educational, social, sports, cultural and much economic life while arguing that the very government that is doing all that is trying to subvert democracy and usher in an authoritarian regime? Seriously, does not compute!

    • Fred from BC says:

      Do you trust the Liberals to not abuse that power, Peter?

      Seems to me that’s the real issue. It’s all well and good to have all that power at your disposal to cut through red tape and time-wasting bureaucracy, but can you control yourself? JT’s record isn’t great…

    • Yet another Calgarian says:

      So far from JT & Co we have multiple ethics breaches, at least two attempts to coerce the justice system and now an unconstitutional power grab.

      And at least a third of the electorate that doesn’t seem to care.

      JT may not be capable of organizing a multi-person event at a brothel but he is capable of setting precedent and are you willing to bet that the next guy with a Vision is equally as competent as him and not willing to use whatever precedent was previously set and then push some more?

      That is exactly how things got so screwed up South of us with every President since Eisenhower scope creeping just a little more and none of them ever handing it back when done.

      On a more specific note the chance of warrantless mass trawls through cellular data looking for “social gatherings” scares the hell out of me no matter who may be in office at any given point.

  13. M.J. says:

    Drugs and guns are a pandemic in Canada day after day and nothing is done. Money laundering in real estate and investment fraud affects the health of Canadians day after day. It destroys lives and health. Still nothing done. Gambling and cigarettes doing the very same thing.

    What fears these leaders is their military guns can do nothing to stop this virus. Do not take this as that I dont take this virus seriously as I do. Great hygiene and giving space to people on a daily basis is essential and not just because of fear of a particular virus pandemic. How many people will stop smoking as research after the other pandemics show people smoking are at a higher risk of not fighting off this coronaviruses. Have you seen a ban on cigarette sales and pots sale in the equation or is the SIN taxes the main focal point???? Yes Italy has had a bad run but how many were smokers living in a very polluted place and older??? or how about because of not sufficient amount of gloves and masks that the Superbugs in hospitals that can cause pneumonia were factoring into the equation?? Same for Iran. Same for China??? One news outlet said that 80% of people getting coronavirus would fight it off with no medication. Was this to downplay Chinese medicine which includes herbs as it was an article about the Chinese using medicine in the hospitals to help fight the COVID19 and does it work . Yet we have manufacturers making tons of money off of drinks that have herbs that the Chinese medicine practices. But because China uses those herbs they dont work? Well from experience they do. I am using natural healthcare while I have been sick now with a respiratory virus. Am I panicking. Nope. Because I put it in the right perspective. I look at the facts the data the experiences to guide me and not chaos in the world. Not the grim faces of those who look the other way at drugs and guns killing far more people then the coronavirus will. Destroying childrens lives as well.

    Yes our hearts go out to those affected by the coronavirus and those who cannot fight it off. But its a lesson to all of us to take our health seriously everyday to toughen up our immune systems and show love of neighbor everyday. Guns and drugs are not love of neighbor are they. The money laundering of drug proceeds by lawyers is not love of neighbor. Governments who cover it up are not showing love of neighbor. Police who cover up are not showing love of neighbor are they? So perhaps some people would take this virus seriously if they saw love of neighbor on a daily basis not just in the time of chaos.

    How interesting that online Casinos in BC went up from 9999 to over $20000 and is even advertising on Chinese social media. How disgusting. Think of the many suicides by people who lose lots of money in online gambling or even at the casinos. The destruction of family lives. But this careless government does nothing. Why did the PM desperately try to keep the illegal border crossers coming in when we needed space for the ill in Canadian? a very silly stand poses lots of additional questions.

    Isnt it time with closure of businesses to shut down sweat shop factories. Or how about the illegal gambling in cafes. RCMP what are you doing. Perfect time to swoop in and shut them down permanently. Perhaps the proceeds can go fund the federal aid for Canadians losing money because of layoffs. Perhaps you can seize properties too. The State of Emergency across Canada allows for that RIGHT!!!!!!!! So if you expect Canadians to take it seriously then you better step up to the plate and stop the Pandemic of drugs and guns and violence and other criminal acts. RIGHT!!!!!!! THE DAILY PANDEMIC.

    Why not take seriously females being raped sexually assaulted s Perhaps one of those guys gave the girl the coronavirus. But judging by the many females including police officers who are charged because they came forward or waiting endless years to get justice in the human rights tribunals or courts we see its not taken seriously either. This is a lesson to all keep your hands off of others and keep your germs to yourself.

    So for everyone please take the time to strengthen your bodies clean and organize your houses play games with your children and stand by the side of whistle blowers who risk their health everyday because of the toll it takes on their lives. Mental and physical. And help the elderly and those at risk to stay safe from this pandemic.

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