, 03.22.2020 05:48 PM

KINSELLACAST 100: Adler, Kinsella, New Order, Replacements, Foxhall Stacks, Altered Images!


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: the CPC leadership race needs to be delayed because it’s inappropriate to be campaigning during COVID-19?

    Except, no one IS campaigning and Peter was the first out of the gate to suspend.

    That call is baloney. When you’re leading, you have all the time in the world. When you’re struggling, you tend to need even more time than that.

  2. Darcy Wallace says:

    Congrats on sticking it out & getting to episode #100. This is like earning a two year masters degree in podcasting.

    Gabba Gabba Hey!


  3. Darcy Wallace says:

    *master’s degree

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    Congrats on the 100th ep WK. “The Beach Boys with distortion” is a GREAT description of The Ramones! I’m not super into the Punk genre but that made just made me appreciate it a little bit more.

    Awesome with another shout-out to New Order too. Temptation is also my 2nd fave New Order song lol (though in the slightly opposite direction from you my fave is the 12″ version of The Perfect Kiss– I listen to it at least twice a week still. It’s clinical cold sterile computerized perfection just reels me in every time. Funny but I actually haven’t listened to it the past two weeks, I guess I don’t want to feel that icy beauty at the moment). And this version of Temptation I have to listen to more often, it takes on a fairly different tone with Ian’s vocals instead of Barney’s. I remember when “everyone else” discovered this song when it was used for the Trainspotting soundtrack. I joked with a besty at that time I practically expected it to be used for a Visine commercial- “Oh you had red eyes, oh you had red eyes, now you’ve got clear eyes!” Ahem. Oh– I’m typing as I listen, nice that you played Ceremony too. I think I’ve mentioned on here before that New Order (with a dash of Joy Division) really saved my life as a misfit gay teen in a small town in high school in the late 80s.
    May you and yours be well WK, and all other War Room readers too.

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