, 03.12.2020 01:45 AM

#TBT: never-before-seen Hot Nasties pix!

What better way to help everyone forget about the pandemic and barricades and Trump than…publishing ultra-rare Hot Nasties photos!

These were taken in 1978 or so, in Ras Pierre’s basement in Lake Bonavista. That’s him on six strings, Winkie Nuclear Age Smith on four strings, and Just Plain Tom Edwards keeping the beat. Sane Wayne Ahern is over on the other side somewhere.

The bottom photo is one of me being interviewed by a writer for Music Express. Turns out she was also Button Cummings’ girlfriend. Small world, etc.

I laughed when I saw the hands thoughtfully steepled. Not very punk rock, maaaaan.

Anyway. There you go. I helped you forget about how shitty everything is for a minute or two. You’re welcome.

Yours Screwly in a Calgary suburban basement in ’78, and 42 years later at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. Some guys never grow up.


  1. Lee Hill says:

    Where are the torn jeans, skinny ties and set lists cribbed from The Monkees/NYDolls/Remains of yesteryear?

  2. joe says:

    “Some guys never grow up.”

    And when you are pursuing an activity you love that’s a good thing.

  3. PJH says:

    I noticed your skinny leather black tie….it is the only article of clothing that I have left from my mispent youth….I have no idea why I held onto it this long….I do remember how cool I thought it looked at the time…..

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