04.13.2020 05:58 PM

‪How Trump’s presser went, in three easy screencaps


  1. the real Sean says:

    Just a sad old man who has lost his marbles. At least there are some competent bureaucrats, lawyers, doctors and generals who can run the Presidency in his place for the next 10 months.

  2. Wes W says:

    If you hated trump you hate him more now. If you think the media are liars and out to get trump you think that is true for sure now. Nothing changed.

  3. Quo Vadis says:

    CNN – quelle suprise – the purveyors of truth.
    won’t be president
    Russian collusion
    has financial stake in hydroxychloroquine
    and the list goes on…

    • The Doctor says:

      I guess that makes it ok for Trump to lie all the time then.

    • Mike says:

      Only a fool would doubt any of that list except the first one which is a mistake most people made including all polls.
      Trump supporters are a sad lot.

      • Chris Sigvaldason says:

        American media are a sad lot.

        CNN and MSNBC, among others, have taken on the toxic Fox News model, from the other side of the spectrum. I just wish other politicians were taken to task as often as Trump deservedly has.

        • Fred from BC says:

          “CNN and MSNBC, among others, have taken on the toxic Fox News model”

          When the ratings of Fox and MSNBC dropped 4% last June (a response to the Mueller fiasco, I think) CNN plummeted 33%. Right now, they not only don’t have a single cable show in the Top 20, they are being soundly beaten in the ratings by TLC and The Hallmark Channel.

          Those chyrons above may be funny, but they’re also sad, in a way…they show that CNN is no longer even pretending to be a news channel. If it weren’t for the 60 airports they have contracts with that are required to display their product and the large number of cable providers who offer them as part of a basic package, they would be bankrupt already.

          RIP, CNN. You had a good run.

      • Quo Vadis says:

        And when in a few months he gets voted in again will you still be telling yourself that it was a mistake?

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    My 91 year old uncle, on my mother’s side, is an American living in Canada. Much to my surprise, he told me today over the phone that he’s lost all the respect he previously had for Trump. Something tells me he’s not the only one.

  5. Fred from BC says:

    That’s some comedy gold, right there…

    • He has claimed total authority on the decision on opening up states.

      This is ridiculously false and extremely authoritarian and far worse then Biden stumbling over his words.

  6. Dawn Mills says:

    The short fingered vulgarian. to quote the late, lamented magazine, Spy.

  7. Daryl Gordon says:

    Trump support never was and is not now about personality. It’s about policy. USA first on trade, strong borders, controls on immigration, practical deregulation on industry, forcing freeloading nations to pay fair share for defence and international organizations (UN, WHO etc).
    Add in right leaning local judges and Supreme Court appointments…

    No matter how crude the messenger or the message is, to Trump support, this is all about America first.

    Trump is the ultimate Unpolitician. Still standing after 4 years of unrelenting attack from left leaning trough dwellers aided and abetted by a biased, unethical media.

    If the economy is carefully reactivated successfully and the Russiagate, impeachment bad actors are brought to justice
    https://www.foxnews.com/media/ag-william-barr-on-the-russia-investigation-theres-something-far-more-troubling-here well before the election, Trump has a very good chance at a second term.

    Biden is a very weak and compromised candidate and cannot hide in his basement forever.

    • The Doctor says:

      His support is not about policy, it’s about culture. Trump’s base sticks with him no matter what because they feel he has their back in the culture wars. That was Andrew Breitbart’s and Steve Bannon’s key insight: it’s about the culture wars. Trump does not have a philosophy or an ideology or any coherent policy platform. It’s a movement. Look at what happened on health care: he utterly failed to do anything to repeal or replace Obamacare, even though that was a key supposed platform plank. He lost zero support among his base. Policy is virtually irrelevant to his support.

  8. jj gibbons says:

    Trump lost the popular vote last time. Michigan is totally pissed at him now. Others swings that gave him the Electoral College are not too happy either. Trump will not bevre-elected.

  9. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    This election isn’t about Biden. It’s all about Trump and as such, Trump will swim or sink in November. In other words: Ford sunk Ford, Carter sunk Carter, George H.W. Bush sunk Bush. IMHO, Trump is doing absolutely everything he possibly can to sink Trump. Mr.StockMarketTM is already toast.

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    The Fed balance sheet is headed for seven trillion and that simply is not sustainable. Printing endless phoney paper money is insuring the transition from deflation to inflation. As the economic crisis deepens, we will head into hyperinflation. Then prices will shoot for the moon along with company input costs. There’s a reason why the stock market in Venezuela went up 400,000% before it ultimately tanked for good along with the currency…

    • Ronald – Venezuela – exactly. I’m looking forward to my $1,000 Grande at Starbucks. Just print more $$ – papers cheap.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I’ll bet if you put ten people in a room and asked when this financial crisis started, maybe one would correctly say last September when the bank repo market seized up. That’s when The Fed geniuses brought in QE4…putting us back on the road to economic oblivion.

  11. Paige says:

    Too much CNN Warren. Way too much. Don’t drink the koolaid. No matter what the flavour.

    • The Doctor says:

      Yes, go to OAN, Breitbart and Fox News for the absolute unvarnished truth, devoid of bias of any kind. And for educated and erudite editorial and opinion commentarty, may I suggest Infowars and Rush Limbaugh.

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