, 04.28.2020 04:33 PM

Pandemic video: Miss You

I saw a pandemic-time video Nick Lowe did with his son and I loved it. Just the two of them, playing in their living room. Was awesome.

So, I decided to do likewise. Here’s a tune I wrote a million years ago, about a life from a million years ago. (Tracy Nesdoly knows.)

I wish to express my thanks to my bandmates Drum Machine, Distorted (Bass) Chords, and Sir Galaxie 500-ish Guitar Bits. And our producer, naturally, Eight Track Tascam.

More to come, whether you like it or not!


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I remember distinctly that one of your sons has inherited your talent and built on it. Hopefully, you will eventually provide us with your own father-son gig.

  2. Bob Yuhasz says:


  3. David shiller says:

    Excellent song.

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