04.19.2020 06:59 PM

RIP, Constable.


  1. hugh says:

    Sad day.
    Although I didn’t know her personally, she was a year behind me in high school in Antigonish.
    It’s really hitting many people quite hard, we must never forget the potential threat these fine people face as they carry out their duty each day.

  2. Steve Teller says:

    I’m glad to see the media is not including the murderer in the death count, because his life is not worth mentioning in the same breath as his victims. I’m hearing it quoted along the lines of “17 dead, including an RCMP officer. The shooter also died.”

  3. Peter says:

    I’m finding JT’s remarks on this horror to be limp, boilerplate and frankly bloodless. His first reaction was to say he was “saddened” by the events. What a strange reaction. Shocked, horrified, enraged, grief-stricken, devastated and many others, combined with support and sincere heartfelt condolences would be appropriate, but saddened by a mass-murder? Then he said to the whole country that “we will all get through this together”. I daresay most of us will, together or alone, because we haven’t been touched personally by it, but I cringe when I imagine how the families, colleagues and community might react. Surely there is a line between reaching out with support and empathy and appropriating a bereavement. Or am I just showing my age?

    • Fred from BC says:

      And then, unable to stop himself from seeking political gain from this tragedy, he came out with yet another promise for “stronger gun control” (as if it were in any way relevant in this case). What a class act.

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