05.25.2020 08:40 AM

Presidents defeat themselves


  1. The Doctor says:

    Oh, he did more than just golf. He tweeted that Hillary Clinton is a “skank”, and that Stacey Abrams spends too much time pigging out at buffets.

    The Nation’s business was being attended to.

  2. Mr. President,

    Please, pretty please, C-O-N-T-I-N-U-E!

    You and McNinnyTM are just the perfect team.

  3. Fred J Pertanson says:

    So Trump plays a round of golf on Sunday and everyone craps all over him. Meanwhile, our leader absolutely refuses to get parliament going and that is OK?

    Spare me.

    • I think we are politically mature enough here to dispense with the myth the MPs don’t work at least as hard when Parliament is not in session then when it is in session, or maybe it’s just the NDP MPs that I’ve observed that do that.

    • The Doctor says:

      Trump also falsely accused somebody of murder.

      Are you ok with that?

    • Fred,

      It comes down to the same thing: if you don’t like Trump’s golfing during a pandemic, or the Liberals failing to recall the House, you can vote either or both of them out.

      • Max says:

        How does one do that given Justin’s reneging on his campaign promise for electoral reform?

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          That’s a good point regarding FPP. In my mind, it’s easier to defeat a government under another electoral system.

    • the real Sean says:

      No one thinks anything happens in Parliament except the people who work there. As long as JT remains as the fake leader of LPC, we can be assured of Parliament’s meaninglessness.

      • Has there been any Prime Minister in our lifetime that made Parliament more meaningful?

        • the real Sean says:

          St. Laurent

          • Harper, who shut Parliament to save his own government from facing a constitutionally mandated non-confidence vote rather then to help stop the spread of disease and save lives?

            I meant a Prime Minister who made Parliament more meaningful then then one before. Each Prime Minister made Parliament a little be less meaningful then the last.

          • Darwin,

            Why don’t we just get rid of that democratic inconvenience called Parliament and simply buy off all comers? Oh right, that’s already been done. Silly me. (Must be watching too much Trump on the telly.)

        • The Doctor says:

          Arguably the biggest scumball in this movie is Jagmeet “Fuck Parliament” Singh.

          And for once the BQ is actually on the right side of an issue.

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